Netanyahu-led coalition closes in on victory in Israel

The former prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, maintains a large majority to form a government with far-right and religious allies, after counting this Wednesday of 86% of the ballot boxes used in yesterday’s election in the country.

As the vote count progresses, the victory and return to power of the former head of government seems more certain. Meanwhile, the anti-Netanyahu bloc and its main leader, the current Israeli prime minister, Yair Lapid, is beginning to assume that he is defeated, according to the local press.

The advantage of the bloc headed by Netanyahu is very wide, having, up to the mark of 120% of the polls counted, a majority of 65 seats in Parliament – which has 120 seats -, four more than necessary to form the government.

The projection is that the right-wing Likud party will obtain 50 seats, while Religious Zionism will obtain 14, and a block of ultra-orthodox subtitles reach others 19.

The coalition of center forces, right and left, in turn, will have 50 seats and will not be able to surpass what is necessary to have half of the votes in the rest of the count.

Most of the polls have already been counted, lacking the votes cast in military bases, hospitals, asylums, prisons and embassies.

The forecast is that in this final round, the great and the majority of voters’ preference is for the right-wing bloc led by Netanyahu.

The Israel Central Electoral Committee has indicated that the final result of the elections will be announced on Thursday night, at local time.

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