Net Worth Ninja: Jonathan Wright’s Fortune Soars to New Heights

Celebrity hairstylist Jonathan Wright has more than 2 million followers on his Iam Jonathan_ Instagram account and has worked with celebrities including Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj. He is well-recognized for his lace wig installations and coloring abilities. He began working as a fashion stylist while still a teenager.

Jonathan Wright was conceived on March 28, 1997. In 2021, the hairdresser turned 25 years old. Because of his birthdate, he also decided to be an Aries. Although Jonathan Wright was born in the country, his mother and father are still a mystery. As countless commenters on his post noticed, he inherited his father’s gorgeous appearance.

Family and Education

He has an unidentified father and Tyketre Coleman is his mother. His mother attended James Madison High School and Naaman Forest High School in Dallas, Texas. In addition to starting Tyketre’s Lucrative Conceptions, Tyketre also worked as Notary Public. Three siblings are also said to be a part of Jonathan’s family, according to reports. His sister is Rae Kuttingup Hooch, and he has two brothers named JDog Popi and Lul’ Prince After Da ‘Check on Facebook.


Jonathan attended Lakeview Centennial High School for his secondary studies. Subsequently, the hairstylist made the decision to attend the University of Oklahoma to study business.

Career: Soaring to New Heights

Jonathan started working as a fashion stylist while he was still in high school. Nevertheless, Brittany’s hairstylist discovered his career’s springboard when the BET Awards were postponed. Jonathan took advantage of the chance to style her in order to advance his career. Among many others, he wore clothing lines by Blac Chyna, Doja Cat, SZA, 6ixine, Kee Palmer, and Just Brittany.


After dressing Megan Thee Stallion, the hairdresser drew more attention. Throughout the outbreak, he also planned numerous talks and led style sessions. In 2018, the Texas-based hairstylist made their debut on the market. He styled Just Brittany’s hair for the 2016 BET Awards when her hairstylist abruptly canceled.

Net Worth: Unveiling the Fortunes

Jonathan Wright’s estimated net worth states that he made his first $1.5 million at the age of 23. And as time went on, the number increased. He went from having minimal experience to becoming well-known in the area in just five years. Dallas’ infinite ideas will eventually make him a preferred choice. He has accumulated considerable money through his wise financial decisions, business endeavors, and investments. His astute choices and calculated risks have produced huge financial advantages and cemented his place at the top.


He mentioned at a meeting that he saved every cent required to get his first million. He added that he makes a sincere effort to emphasize planning and being prepared for the future.

Personal Relationship

On his social media profiles, Jonathan Wright has admitted to dating a few different women. Tierra Jenae served as the focus of his first online relationship. He shared a collage of images of the two of them sharing a kiss. He appeared to stoop and put a ring on her finger in the picture. She responded to the message by calling him “bro,” which was an odd choice of words. They did, however, occasionally show signs of cuddling, which can only indicate that they were dating at the time.

Jonathan and Tierra last shared a screen in 2016. He hasn’t had any eye-catching public relationships since then.


Jonathan Wright is a prime illustration of the power of determination, tenacity, and a strong support network. His extraordinary achievements and successful career serve as an inspiration for aspirants. Jonathan Wright values his family’s affection and support while continuing to make waves in his industry. A testament to his success is his outstanding net worth.

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