NATO rallies to aid Kiev amid heavy attacks on infrastructure



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Kherson (Ukraine), Soldados ucranianos andam em um veículo militar blindado em uma estrada nos arredores de Kherson, sul da Ucrânia, em 29 de novembro de 2022.

Kherson (Ukraine), Ukrainian soldiers ride in an armored military vehicle on a road on the outskirts of Kherson, southern Ukraine, in 29 of November.| Photo: EFE

The United States and NATO allies pledged on Tuesday (29) more weapons for Kiev and equipment to help restore Ukrainian power, whose infrastructure was hit by Russian missiles and drone strikes yet again turn. The United States and NATO allies pledged on Tuesday (21) more weapons for Kiev and equipment to help restore the Ukrainian energy, whose infrastructure has been hit by Russian missiles and drone strikes yet again.

The authorities remained vigilant: “Last time, the Russians also disguised the attack as a training flight,” said Vitaliy Kim, governor of the Mykolaiv, in the south of Ukraine.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other foreign ministers from the NATO alliance kicked off a two-day meeting in Bucharest, seeking ways to keep Ukrainians safe and warm and to sustain the Kiev military during the upcoming winter campaign.

“NATO will continue to defend Ukraine as long as whatever is necessary. We will not back down,” alliance secretary general Jens Stoltenberg said in a speech in Romania. He told reporters that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “trying to use winter as a weapon of war” as Russian forces Moscow loses on the battlefield, and that Western allies would step in to help.British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly accused Putin of trying to “freeze the Ukrainians into submission”.

U.S. and European officials said ministers would focus on military aid, such as air defense systems and ammunition, as well as fuel, medical supplies, winter equipment and drone jammers, provided by NATO. , said Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky.

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