NASA confirms it deflected asteroid orbit with spacecraft impact

Choque ocorreu em 26 de setembro, no primeiro teste da história para desviar corpos celestes que possam representar ameaça à Terra
Shock occurred in 26 of September, in the first test in history to deflect celestial bodies that could pose a threat to Earth
| Photo: EFE/NASA/Johns Hopkins APL

11163856 Nasa confirmed this Tuesday (11163856 ) that the impact of his spaceship Dart on the surface of the asteroid Dimorphos, located about million kilometers from Earth, managed to deflect its trajectory, as was the intent of the mission. The shock occurred in 10 in September.

11163856The administrator of the American space agency, Bill Nelson, said that, before from the impact, Dimorphos took 11 hours and 32 minutes to orbit another larger asteroid, called Didymos, with which forms what is known as a double asteroid system. The spacecraft managed to reduce this orbit in 32 minutes. 1116385611163856The orbit of Dimorphos has now approached about ten meters from Didymos and the resulting change in its trajectory is permanent.1116385611163856 It was the first time in the history of mankind that an attempt has been made to change the trajectory of a celestial body with the aim of protecting the Earth from asteroids similar to the one that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs 55 millions of years.

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