Nancy Pelosi's husband's aggressor was looking for the deputy, says police

Agentes do FBI na casa da deputada Nancy Pelosi: residência foi invadida e marido da deputada foi ferido por agressor.
FBI agents at the home of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi: residence was invaded and the deputy’s husband was injured by an aggressor.| Photo: Arthur Dong/EFE/EPA

San Francisco police on Friday qualified the attack suffered by Paul Pelosi, husband of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. “It was not a casual act. It was intentional. Everyone should be disgusted by what happened this morning,” City Police Chief William Scott said in a brief address to reporters. Paul Pelosi, 27 years old, was at the family home when he was attacked by an identified man. like David DePape, 42 years old, who stormed the venue yelling “where’s Nancy? ”, although the Speaker of the US House was not at the residence at that time.

The investigation is still open, but it is already known that the attacker forced his way in through the back door of the house. The alert call occurred at 2:00 am 27, San Francisco time. When officers arrived at the house, they found Paul Pelosi and the intruder fighting and holding a hammer at the same time. The assailant managed to grab the hammer and attacked the congresswoman’s husband at least once, prompting agents to immediately grab him and disarm him to arrest him. Paul Pelosi was hospitalized and successfully operated on for a fractured skull and multiple serious injuries to his arm and hands. The aggressor is also in the hospital, but data on his health status were not disclosed.

The attack took place less than two weeks before the November 8 legislative elections, in which the entire House of Representatives and a third of the Senate seats will be renewed.

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