Musk threatens again not to complete the purchase of Twitter

Elon Musk é o novo dono do Twitter.
The Tesla owner remains unhappy with the use of bots and the lack of freedom of expression on Twitter| Photo: Britta Pedersen/EFE

The tycoon Elon Musk, who in April announced the purchase of Twitter for US$

billion (R$ 2717 , 9 billion), threatened this Monday the possibility of not closing the deal, for not having received the information he requested about false accounts and ‘spam’. 2620380426203804In a letter sent to the company today, which was obtained by several US media outlets, Musk stated that Twitter’s current management is resisting sharing the data, which represents a “clear material breach” of the terms of the purchase agreement.

Consequently, Musk noted that he “reserves all rights derived therefrom, including the right not to consummate the transaction”.

At 10H25 again York (001h04 in Brasília), shortly after the opening of the Wall Street Stock Exchange, the Twitter shares were down 4%,13% .2620380426203804 The letter, in harsh terms, was signed by the attorney for the tycoon, who is mentioned in third person. The text insists, several times, that the company “refused to provide information that Mr. Musk has repeatedly requested since May 9”.

The text argues that the buyer “must have a full and accurate understanding of the core of Twitter’s business model: its active user base. Musk doesn’t have to explain his arguments to request this data.”

Since the beginning of the operation, the billionaire has been asking pointed out that the “bots” (automated accounts that post “spam”) were one of the main problems of Twitter, as well as the lack of freedom of expression.

26203804The company guarantees that ‘bots’ do not represent more than 5% of total active accounts on the platform, something that Musk has always questioned, suggesting that there were many more.

On the day 04 of May , the tycoon had already threatened to stop the company’s purchase process, on occasion he used the same argument.

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