Musk says he will reverse Trump's Twitter ban


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Musk na inauguração de uma fábrica da Tesla na Alemanha, em março: empresário argumentou que o cancelamento da conta de Trump no Twitter foi “moralmente errado e totalmente estúpido”

Musk at the opening of a Tesla factory in Germany, in March: businessman argued that the cancellation of the Trump on Twitter was “morally wrong and totally stupid”| Photo: EFE/EPA/CHRISTIAN MARQUARDT

The South African businessman of American nationality Elon Musk, who got it right in April the purchase of Twitter, said this Tuesday () who want to reverse the ban Former President of the United States Donald Trump from the platform.

Musk released the information by virtually participating in a conference on the future of automobiles promoted by the Financial Times newspaper.

The businessman claimed that he and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey , believe that permanent bans should be “extremely rare” on the social network and argued that the cancellation of Trump’s account was “morally wrong and totally stupid”.

“I think it was a mistake because it alienated much of the country and did not result in Donald Trump losing his voice,” Musk said. “So I think that can end up being downright worse than having a single forum where everyone can debate. I think the answer is that I would reverse the permanent ban.”

Musk is expected to temporarily become CEO of Twitter once the platform purchase is completed, which should be in the coming months. On the day the businessman’s acquisition of social media was announced, Trump stated that he would not return to Twitter even if Musk reinstated his account. He said at the time that he intends to stay only on his social network, Truth. Early last year, Trump was kicked out of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat after the January 6 Capitol invasion, whose participants alleged fraud in Joe Biden’s victory in the election of 2020. The companies claimed at the time that posts by the then American president could incite violence.

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