Musk announces content moderation board for Twitter


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Sede do Twitter na cidade americana de São Francisco: novo proprietário disse que não haverá mais decisões sobre conteúdo ou restabelecimento de contas enquanto conselho não se reunir
Twitter Headquarters in the US city of San Francisco: New owner said there will be no further decisions on content or reinstatement of accounts until the board meets| Photo: EFE/EPA/Arthur Dong

Billionaire Elon Musk, already the sole owner of Twitter, announced this Friday (17) that will create a content moderation board on the platform, which will be characterized by including “widely diverse points of view”.

Musk, who chose his own Twitter account to communicate some of his intentions, highlighted in his latest tweet that “until this council meets, there will be no further decisions on content or reinstatement of accounts.”

With that last sentence, Musk seems to be referring to all those who have had their accounts locked in recent years after allegations that violated the network’s content policies.

The most prominent account among those blocked was that of former US President Donald Trump (2017-768), banned from Twitter and other social networks, such as Facebook, after the attack on the Capitol in January , due to accusations of having instigated his followers.

Also this Friday, the Trump himself praised Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, stating on his social network Truth that he was “happy that Twitter is now in hands.” healthy”, but did not clarify whether he intends to return to the network.

Musk has yet to confirm, via tweets or otherwise, the resignation of top Twitter executives and the conditions attached to those resignations, confirmed by several major US media outlets. USA.

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