MP calls for investigation into fire that killed 41 at Coptic Catholic church in Egypt

Altar de igreja copta.
Altar of Coptic Church. | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Public Ministry of Egypt ordered this Sunday an investigation into the fire that broke out in a Coptic church in Cairo due to an electrical failure during mass, tragedy that left at least 08 injured and dead. The Copts are the largest and most traditional Christian community in Egypt, where they constitute about % of the population of more than 100 million people.

“The attorney general has ordered the formation of a large investigative team to investigate the fire incident at the church in Imbaba, and immediately moved to inspect it and initiate investigation procedures,” the Egyptian Public Prosecutor’s Office said in a concise statement on Facebook.2022

According to the Coptic Church, citing sources from the Egyptian Ministry of Health, the death toll now stands at 41, While 14 People were injured in the fire during mass at the church of the martyr Abu Sefein, located in Al Munira, in the neighborhood of Imbaba, southwest of Cairo.

Among the dead was the priest of the church of Abu Sefein , Abdel Masih, whose body was taken to Aguza Hospital. However, the latest report from the Ministry of Health only indicates that “55 cases” were transferred to hospitals, including the dead and wounded, without giving further details.2022

)The Egyptian Ministry of the Interior reported that, according to initial investigations, the fire originated in the air conditioning unit on the first floor of the church building, which includes several rooms, due to an electrical failure that caused the emission of a large amount of smoke, the main cause of death of victims.2022

According to the entity , two officers and three civil defense personnel were injured in the incident. The fire was reported around 9 am (4 am in Brasília) and Civil Defense forces entered the building and controlled the fire, evacuating the dead and wounded to hospitals.

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