Minister pressured to resign after leaking suspicions of corruption involving Kirchner

A vice-presidente da Argentina, Cristina Kirchner.
The Vice President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner.

| Photo: EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

18175211The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, called on Saturday for the resignation of the Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, amid new tensions within the country’s governing coalition.

18175211″President Fernández asked the resignation of Minister Matías Kulfas”, confirmed official sources to Agência Efe.

The decision taken by the head of state comes after the disclosure of statements “in off” (without identifying the source), allegedly broadcast by the Ministry of Productive Development, which questioned officials close to Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner in relation to the process for the supply of pipes for a new gas pipeline.

18175211These statements were strongly criticized by the vice president, who said on Twitter that it is “very unfair and, above all, very It is painful that this type of attack is carried out by government officials from the Frente de Todos”.

“Worst of all: without showing his face, ‘off’, lying and using journalists. With mistakes and successes, I always spoke and acted ahead. It’s embarrassing,” said Cristina Kirchner, who presided over Argentina between 2007 and and which since last year has questioned certain government economic policies, particularly those of the Ministry of Economy, led by Martín Guzmán, and the Ministry of Productive Development, led by Matías Kulfas, two officials close to the President Alberto Fernández.1817521118175211After the Vice President’s message, the Alberto Fernández himself said on Twitter that he trusts “the moral integrity and suitability of those who are carrying out the bidding process for the Nestor Kirchner gas pipeline”, a project considered strategic for the development of the unconventional formation of hydrocarbons in Vaca Muerta.

18175211″It is ethically reprehensible to speak ‘off the record’ at the expense of others. I have always expressed myself publicly. I do not support such behavior and I share the unease expressed by Cristina Kirchner. The debate we have to have will be done responsibly”, added the president, shortly before the news of Kulfas’ resignation was announced.18175211

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