Midterms: Arizona County Has Problems With Vote Tabulation Machines

About 20% of 223 polling stations in Maricopa County, Arizona, have had problems with their votes during the midterm presidential elections, which are being held this Tuesday (8) in the United States.

According to local authorities informed CNN, the equipment was rejecting ballots in the early hours of vote. At 14 time (local time, 14 time Brasilia time), the problem was still being resolved, but there were no delays in voting.

“In about 20% of polling places there are problems with the tabulators, in which some of the ballots, after voters scored their votes, when they tried to put them on the tab, they weren’t passing,” Bill Gates, chairman of the county’s Board of Overseers, told CNN.

Gates reported that teams of the Republican and Democratic parties will take the ballots to the county polling station to be counted after the polls close at 19 local time (23 Brasília hours).

“Nobody is being excluded. And none of this indicates any fraud or anything of that sort. It was a technical problem”, claimed Gates.

However, supporters of former President Donald Trump, who alleged fraud in the election he lost to Joe Biden in 2020, expressed on the networks social concerns about possible irregularities.

The businessman and son of the former president, Donald Trump Junior, warned that Maricopa voters make sure their vote has been processed. “Even if you have to come back later, vote no matter what!” your vote can make a difference. Go to the polls. Once you’re there, stand in line, no matter what, and vote. This is going to be a great day! Do your part and we will win!”, wrote Trump Junior, in another message.

At the national level, this Tuesday 35 the 100 seats are up for grabs. in the Senate and all 435 in the House of Representatives. In addition, local positions, such as governor and attorney general, and potential changes to state legislation, such as marijuana legalization, are being voted on in the states, which are being voted on in Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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