Mexican sentenced to 4 years in prison for spying for Russia in the US

Mexican scientist Héctor Alejandro Cabrera Fuentes, arrested in February 2020 on charges of spying in the United States for the Russian government, was sentenced to four years in prison in a court in Miami, Florida, according to the Department of Justice this Wednesday (22).

Cabrera Fuentes, who according to the file was a researcher at the National Health Center of Singapore, where he resides, was arrested at Miami International Airport when he was planning to travel to Mexico.

According to court documents, since 2019 Cabrera Fuentes “acted under the direction and control from someone he believed to be a Russian government official.”

Following his instructions, the Mexican arranged “an intermediary to rent a property in a residential building in Miami-Dade County, where a American who had previously provided information about the Russian government to the US government”.

Further, under the orders of the same fu Russian official, Cabrera Fuentes traveled to Miami in February 2020 to “obtain the license plate number and parking spot” of the American he was spying on and “give them to the Russian official on his next trip” to the country.

An accomplice of the Mexican, at his request, took a photo of the American’s car. “A WhatsApp message from Cabrera Fuentes’ friend to him contained a close-up photograph of the car” of the person they were spying on.

Also according to the lawsuit documents, the way Cabrera Fuentes communicated with the Russian government official “is consistent with the tactics of Russian intelligence services to detect, assess, recruit and manage intelligence resources and sources”.

The Mexican, who entered the United States with B1-2 visa for tourism or temporary business, was sentenced Tuesday in a court in the Southern District of Florida to four years in prison “for acting in the United States on behalf of a foreign government without notifying the attorney general”.

Cabrera Fuentes had already pleaded guilty to committing spying for Russia in the United States on the last day 15 of February in a court in the city of Miami.

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