Meter OTT release date: When and where to watch this police drama starring Kiran Abbavaram

The latest offering by the young hero Kiran Abbavaram, titled Meter, was not successful in its attempt to excite the audience. Unfortunately, Kiran’s attempt to be a pure and simple mass entertainer was unsuccessful. Athulya Ravi, a beauty from Kollywood, made her debut in the Tamil film industry with Meter. The project was directed for the first time by Ramesh Kaduri.

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Meter OTT Release Date

The motion picture is currently scheduled to become available on Netflix on May 5th. The streaming service provided an official confirmation of the information. This indicates that Meter will make its debut on digital platforms about four weeks after it is released in theaters. This action-packed entertainer was produced by Chiranjeevi (Cherry) and Hemalatha Pedamallu under the banner of Clap Entertainment.

Kiran Abbavaram is widely considered to be one of the most promising performers working in the Telugu film industry. After the critical and commercial success of his most recent film, Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha, he went on to direct another movie he titled Meter. Together with Ravi Teja’s Ravanasura, the police procedural was released into theaters on April 7th, 2023. However, unfortunately, the film debuted to a great deal of negative buzz, and it went on to perform poorly at the box office.

When and Where to Watch Meter

You can watch this police drama on Netflix from 05 May 2023.

The story, the screenplay, and the direction of the movie were all handled by Ramesh Kaduri, however, he was unable to make the movie spectacular or interesting. Both the story and the writing, for the most part, screamed of being predictable and full of tired cliches. Some of the speech works, but the vast majority of it seems exaggerated and ridiculous, and it’s almost enough to make you cringe. In addition to that, there is a lot of banter throughout the movie that has more than one meaning.

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The film had some good production aspects, including music and photography, but the editing was choppy and there were issues with continuity throughout the movie. The characterization of roles was boring and had nothing fresh to give; in fact, several characters mimicked their own hit mannerisms and speech from prior movies. There was nothing innovative about the portrayal of roles.

What’s the story of Meter

Arjun Kalyan, played by Kiran Abbavaram, is an upbeat and courageous person who has decided that he does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a police officer. In spite of this, he eventually works his way up to the position of Sub Inspector in Hyderabad. He makes an attempt to have himself suspended, but the only thing that changes is that his reputation improves. Unpredictably, he finds himself in a situation in which he must interact with the Minister of the Interior, Kantam Baireddy (Dhanush Pawan). In later events, Arjun is confronted with a stunning revelation. What exactly is the reality? What did Arjun do next? The movie provides all of the solutions.

Cast & Crew of Meter

This film marks the debut of Kiran Abbavaram in a character that is more often associated with the action. His comedic timing and demeanor as a law enforcement officer make for entertaining viewing. In addition to his performance, he demonstrates once more that he is a skilled dancer. His moves in the mass song, which are performed throughout the buildup to the climax, are a treat for his devoted followers.

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Actress Athulyaa Ravi, who is making her debut in Telugu, is only involved in the story since she is Arjun’s love interest. She has no other role in the film. However, considering the constraints of her role, she did a respectable job overall. Dhanush Pawan, who portrayed the character of the film’s antagonist, performed an excellent job, both in terms of his entire demeanor and the dialogue that he delivered. Sapthagiri, who played the role of Arjun’s uncle, and Posani Krishna Murali, who played the role of Police Commissioner, provided some welcome moments of comedic relief.

Impressive work was done by Dhanush Pawan, who played the role of Home Minister Kantam Baireddy. His confrontations with Kiran Abbavaram are entertaining to watch. As a villain in TFI, he has a bright future ahead of him.

meter ott release date

Throughout the entirety of the movie, Posani Krishna Murali and Sapthagiri kept audience members entertained with their witty one-liners. This is a significant relief. The remaining performers are adequate in the roles that they have been allocated to play.

Kartheek is excellent, and the cinematography that Venkat C. Dileep provided is also quite good. The clarity in editing would have been preferable in this case. The production values are really professional.

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