Meet the pumpkin, Halloween beer; and know where to find it – Full glass

In this wonderful globalized world, one of the most space-saving dates in our beloved local scene was Halloween, or Halloween, celebrated on October 31, next Saturday.

And there’s no special date without the associated beer (brewers are smart). In the case of Halloween, the tip is the pumpkin, a style created by the Americans that uses the pumpkin as the main ingredient. These are usually orange or amber beers that also contain spices, especially cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger.

In Brazil, many breweries have already produced limited editions of pumpkin beer with good results, but almost all of them are seasonal and do not comply. Still, you can find good, fresh examples in bars that make their own beer.

Brewpub recently opened in Moema, Soma Cervejaria made a version in its facilities in collaboration with Vórtex Brewhouse. 500 liters were produced, divided equally between the two houses. A little cloudy and amber in color, the specimen has an alcohol content of 5% and only 25 IBU (bitterness unit that can reach almost one hundred).

Made with pumpkin jam and spices (cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cloves and anise), the pumpkin will sell for R $ 17.90 per pint, and R $ 34.90, the one liter growler , in Soma.

The suggestion of Cervejaria Tarantino (Limão) is more powerful. The house in the northern zone made a strong pumpkin beer, with 10.3% alcohol and 50 IBU. The beer uses cabotia pumpkin and roasted hazelnut in the formula. The result is a more reddish and full-bodied version.

In addition to finding beer directly from the bar at the Tarantino factory in the north (R $ 25 a pint), it is also possible to order it at home, at, which sells the one liter growler for R $ 37.

Probably on an intermediate scale between the Soma and Tarantino options is the version of the What’s On Tap brewery, in Vila Nova Conceição. Along with the pumpkin, of course, his pumpkin beer takes apples, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper. With 8.5% alcohol, it has only 17 IBUs (making it the least bitterness of the three suggestions). The 500 ml glass costs R $ 26 and the liter costs R $ 49.

Soma Cervejaria – Av. Miruna, 561, Moema, southern region. Delivery via or pickup.

Tarantino Brewery – R. Miguel Nelson Bechara, 316, Jardim Pereira Leite, northern region. Orders by WhatsApp (11) 92006-6573; via or iFood.

Vórtex Brewery – Rua Alexandre Dumas, 1.129, Chácara Santo Antônio, southern region.

What’s on tap – R. Min. Jesuíno Carsoso, 104, tel. 3846-1470, Vila Nova Conceição. Orders by tel. (11) 96311-5227; via iFood, Rappi or UberEats.

Pumpkin Strong Beer, Cervejaria Tarantino’s version, in the north – Disclosure

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