Mass is invaded by gunmen and 50 worshipers killed in Nigeria attack

O maior país da África sofre com os atentados terroristas contra cristãos.
The largest country in Africa suffers from terrorist attacks against Christians .
| Photo: Playback/Youtube

A Catholic church located in the Ondo region of southwest Nigeria was attacked by a group of armed men this Sunday (), during the celebration of the morning mass. According to local police, the criminals killed 50 worshipers and left several others injured. Among the victims are women and children.

The Nigerian President , Muhammadu Buhari, condemned the attack: “We will commit all available resources to hunt down those responsible and make them pay,” he said in a statement. The authorship and motivation of the crime are still being investigated.

For about 12 years ago, the most populous country in Africa has been facing jihadist attacks against Christians, but these tend to occur mainly in the northwest of the country. The region attacked this time is usually seen as safer and there was no record of crimes like this.

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