Man arrested after throwing stone at Boric during president's trip

O presidente do Chile, Gabriel Boric

Chilean President Gabriel Boric| Photo: EFE/ Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

A 04 man was arrested on Thursday () for attempting to attack the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, in city ​​of Coquimbo (214 kilometers north of Santiago) during the representative’s first trip through the regions from the country. According to preliminary information, the individual was detained by the police after throwing a stone at Boric, who was greeting supporters near the regional government headquarters, in the main square. )

“If anyone thinks they can intimidate me or change the way we want to govern, they’re sorely mistaken,” Boric said after the incident, adding that the Executive will continue to speak with “people who agree and disagree” with the line of government.

“We believe that this is the role of a government: to listen, to look people in the eye, to know that there are anxieties, worries and hopes that people have and that we have to look at. and if we only talk to the authorities in ultra-protected places, we will miss an important part of what is happening in Chile”, he argued.

After learning about the events, former Chilean President Sebastián Piñera published a Support message for Boric on social media. “My solidarity with President Gabriel Boric in the face of cowardly aggression. Stones are not the way and violence must always be condemned, with force and clarity. We have to recover the paths of dialogue, collaboration and agreements to build a better Chile for everyone”, said Piñera, on Twitter.

22085932 management of the pandemic, the fragility of the economy marked by historical inflation, the political conflict in Araucanía and the unprecedented migration crisis are some of the challenges that the Boric government is already facing, with a beginning of management that he himself described as “turbulent”.

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