Malikappuram OTT release date: When and where to watch this action adventure drama Starring Unni Mukundan

Malikappuram, the newest film starring Malayalam actor Unni Mukundan, has already established itself as the actor’s most financially successful film to date. And this week, the movie, which is handled by rookie Vishnu Sasi Shankar, is gearing up for its Tamil and Telugu release as well.

Malikappuram OTT Release Date

Malikappuram is all set to hit the OTT space on 15 February 2023 on Disney+Hotstar

The recently released movie in Malayalam. Produced by Priya Venu and Neeta Pinto under the umbrellas of Kavya Film Company and Aan Mega Media and directed by Vishnu Sasi Shankar. Directed by Vishnu Sasi Shankar. On February 3, 2023, the movie will be all set to be released on an over-the-top (OTT) platform. Disney+ Hotstar will be designated as the official streaming platform for the movie Malikappuram when it is released.

The rights to stream the movie after it has been released in theatres have been purchased by Disney+ Hotstar for an affordable fee. Our sources have informed us that Malikappuram will begin streaming on Disney+ Hotstar on February 15, 2023, despite the fact that there has been no official announcement concerning the OTT Release Date

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Malikappuram takes a very long time to establish its setting, which is a little hamlet with its own politics, including the existence of Brahmins and others who are non-vegetarians (the film does not dive deeper into the difference than food, which is why the phrase is used). It has been brought to our attention that Kallu, along with her companion Sreepath, who is from a different community, has expressed an interest in visiting Sabarimala. However, between her desire to visit and the point where she sets out on the voyage, a very large chunk is used somewhat unnecessarily in certain parts to build the trigger that ultimately leads to her taking the extreme step of departing alone. This kind of weakens the overall point of the story.

When and Where to Watch Malikappuram

You can watch this action-adventure drama on 15 February 2023 on Disney+Hotstar.

Malikappuram is the name given to the young woman who is making her first pilgrimage to the holy site of Sabarimala. This vacation has been postponed indefinitely for Kalyani, or Kallu, as her friends and family affectionately call her. Abhilash Pillai, the writer responsible for the story as well as the screenplay and dialogue, crafts the movie with the intention of appealing to children. to impart to them the sense that having confidence in anything, despite advances in technology and cultural norms that call into question everything, is never going to become irrelevant.

For Kallu, having confidence in Ayyappan is important, but it has never been about demanding anything specific; rather, it is just about going to see him someday. Her desire is unadulterated, and the writing maintains its integrity by adhering to that principle throughout.

What’s the story of Malikappuram

Kalyani (Devinandha), who is only eight years old, has a strong desire to go to the Sabarimala temple so that she can meet her beloved Lord Ayyappan. But her father is adamant about following through with the plan, and eventually, he wins him over. But a cruel twist of fate causes the dream to be dashed to pieces. Kalyani and her buddy Unni come to the conclusion that they should go to Sabarimala, and throughout their time there, Kalyani is able to find her way back to the light.

Cast & Crew of Malikappuram

Unni Mukundan has an attractive screen presence in Malikappuram. The actor is cast in the role of a mysterious figure who must have both human and divine qualities at the same time. He is an excellent option due to the ease with which he accomplishes all that is assigned to him. He is skilled in both action and chemistry with the children, in addition to simply being cheerful.

Devinandha is wonderful as Kalyani. She conveys the range of human feelings with an ease that belies her young age, and it is impossible to tell whether or not she is being coached by a director. Everything that has to be said for the part flows easily and effortlessly from her. The same can be said for Sreepath, who simultaneously brings charm and humor to the film.

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Sreepath, who portrayed her buddy Bujji, was drawn to the words, gestures, and style of the actor who played him. Both Saiju Kurup and Alphy Panikaran did an excellent job portraying Shannu’s parents in the play. Because of his screen presence, Unni Mukundan was tasked with carrying the film on his shoulders. His outfit is impressive, and in a handful of the moments that were filmed of him, he looked a lot like Ram Charan did when he played Alluri Seetha Rama Raju and fought with a bow and arrow.

Malikappuram OTT release date

Vishnu Narayanan creates some very appealing shots using his camera. It depicted the voyage to Sabarimala in a style that was relaxing and calming to the eye. The ambiance of the area is captured really accurately. The music that Ranjin Raj composed is both good and appropriate for the plot. The scenes were brought to a higher level with the help of his background music, yet at times the volume was inappropriate.

In the first part of the movie, Shammer Muhammed was unable to cut out many of the sequences. The editing in the second part of his work is acceptable. The dialogues are acceptable and believable. The conversations flowed smoothly throughout the movie. There are some genuine and excellent dialogues. The production values of both Kavya Film Company and Aan Mega Media are satisfactory.

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