Make My Day Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer And more

Make My Day Release Date: You’re lying if you say you haven’t seen the Make My Day! trailer by this point. There is no way to avoid noticing this. The clock has finally reached zero, and we are now in possession of a brand-new animated adventure. We are eager to break down Make My Day for you because it will soon be here.

Fans of the new science fiction show were immediately enthralled by the interesting premise after the series’ viral teaser went viral. Once more, everyone’s attention is on Netflix and the potential release of Make My Day. Let’s explore the release date for “Make My Day.”

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Make My Day Official Synopsis

“Sig,” a priceless energy-rich commodity, is found on the icy, snowy planet Coldfoot. Although the planet appears to be a utopia free of crime, inmates are actually exploited for laborious Sig mining. Upon arriving at the scene of a sudden mining accident, Jim, a teenage jail guard, discovers a bizarre beast assaulting the people.

Make My Day Release Date

Who is the voice cast for Make My Day on Netflix?

We learned the cast for the upcoming series at Netflix’s Japanese Tudum event.

Leading the primary cast is:

  • as Jim, Masaomi Yamahashi (Star Wars: Visions, Astral Chain)
  • Marie is portrayed by Ayahi Takagaki in Heaven’s Lost Property and Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom.
  • As Walter, Kazuhiro Yamaji (Ghost in the Shell, Tekken: The Motion Picture)
  • Commander Bark is played by Akio Tsuka (Ghost in the Shell 1995, Tokyo Godfathers and Paprika)
  • The project will also feature Tomoko Shiota’s voice (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners)

Make My Day Release Date

Trailer Of Make My Day

I concur with Netflix that this show is a must-watch after seeing the teaser. Even though it only lasts for two minutes, it is jam-packed with action and explains the show’s idea. It depicts Jin and the rest of the gang battling creatures that appear to have been taken straight out of a Stranger Things episode.

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