Maduro offers Erdogan to turn Venezuela into a door to Latin America

The dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, presented this Wednesday, during a visit to Ankara, his country as a gateway for investment and tourism from Turkey.

“It is in the It is time for Turkish investors in Venezuela to arrive in tourism, mining, industry, logistics, banking, oil, gas, gold, coal,” Maduro declared after a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Maduro added that Turkish investors in his country will have “all guarantees” for “a process of expansion in the relationship between the two countries”.

The Venezuelan dictator made these statements at a joint press conference with Erdogan following a closed-door meeting and a signing ceremony for three agreements, concerning agriculture, tourism and financial relations.

Shortly before his meeting with Erdogan , Maduro had conveyed the same message in an interview with the official Turkish news agency “Anadolu”.

“I can say that Venezuela is the best guarantee that Turkish businessmen can have to make their investments in Latin America and the Caribbean”, highlighted Maduro.

“Venezuela can be the port arrival point for all products of large industry and large production from Turkey to Latin America and the Caribbean. We give all legal guarantees to Turkish investors so that they can present their work”, he reiterated.

For his part, in today’s press conference, Erdogan emphasized that the volume of Turkish-Venezuelan bilateral trade, which in 2019 was only around US$ 150 million, last year it exceeded US$ 850 million, which is why the Turkish president predicted which in the current year will reach US$ 1 billion.

In addition, Caracas is one of the few cities in Latin America that has a regular connection of seven flights a week with Istanbul, thanks to the Turkish Airlines, as recalled by the Turkish president.

Erdogan, accused by the Turkish opposition of becoming increasingly authoritarian, promised to reciprocate Maduro’s visit to Ankara with a trip to Caracas next month July.

The last visit of the Turkish president to Venezuela took place in December of 2018, while Maduro had previously traveled to Turkey in July of that same year.

Turkey and Venezuela maintain good relations and the Erdogan government firmly defends the legitimacy of Maduro at the head of the Venezuelan Executive against the demands of opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who tried to overthrow the dictatorship in 2019.

Ankara is the first leg of what Maduro has described as a “Eurasian tour”, although he has not yet revealed the trip’s future stops.

This trip is expected to last more than five days, since yesterday it was authorized by the Venezuelan National Assembly, a necessary measure for a president to leave the country for longer.

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