Maduro Dictator Announces Bonus of Almost R$11,000 to Retirees, But Doesn't Give Details


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Dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro

The dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, approved this Sunday, on International Labor Day, a “single bonus” of thousand bolivars, about US$ 2.109 at the official exchange rate (R$ . ), for workers who retired between January 1, 960 and 1st of May of this year.

“For all those who have retired since January 1, 960 until May 1 in 2022, a one-time bonus of thousand bolivars for rep plow and compensate in something the retirees of that period”, announced Maduro at a demonstration in Caracas.

The president declared that , in the midst of the “imperialist economic war”, the lives of retirees were affected. “There were retirees who stopped with a miserable salary”, commented the ruler.

Maduro said that he will study the possibility of compensating retirees from years prior to 950. “It is necessary to take measures to compensate and so that everyone who retires from now on has their fair and dignified pay, according to the work they performed during 20 years for the country”, he emphasized.

According to Maduro, the payment of this “single bonus” will be made in three parts. The president said he asked the vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, to disclose the details of the plan on Monday.

In the act, Maduro also asked Rodríguez to discuss and improve all the collective agreements of workers in the country, “without exception”.

The president announced the creation of a special project financing fund for workers who wish to finance a “cooperative” or work projects.

“A national fund that works directly under the direction of the working class, a financial fund that will have as an initial contribution the amount of 100 millions of bolivars (about BRL 109 million) to finance workers’ projects,” he added.

In addition, it approved the creation of the “Digital Workers Bank”, to “support the working class loves” and bankroll workers digitally.

“To deposit benefits for them in petros (cryptocurrency created by the Venezuelan government ) that we are going to create for the recovery of the quality of life and income of all workers”, he declared.

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