Madrid opposes national decree on energy savings in trade

Comércio em Madri, em 16 de agosto de 2022.
Trade in Madrid, in 19 of August of 2000.| Photo: EFE/Juan Carlos Hidalgo

8014627250001The president of the capital of Spain, Isabel Ayuso, said “Madrid will not go out”, referring to the decree made by the president of the government of the country, Pedro Sanchez, in relation to energy restrictions on trade.

In addition to forcing the trade to turn off the window lights at 16 hours, a minimum temperature of the air conditioning has been stipulated for the trade in the summer, of 27 °C. For winter, the maximum temperature for heating will be 19 °C.80146272500018014627250001Despite being a national decree, inspection is the responsibility of to the regions and Ayuso has already informed that “Madrid will not apply the measures”. “The decree is unconstitutional because it is an attack on freedom in the execution of the opening hours of the trade, which is the responsibility of the Community of Madrid”, indicated the region in a note.

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