Lula, Zé Dirceu, the 80 thousand reais watch and the ex-BBB as a birthday present

Foto divulgada no perfil de Gleisi Hoffmann no Facebook mostra Lula com o relógio Piaget

Photo published on Gleisi Hoffmann’s Facebook profile shows Lula with the watch Piaget| Photo: Reproduction

Last Saturday , (/ ) , the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB), which has already tried to transform Brazil into an Albania, completed 80 years old. Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was at the centenary celebration, and his presence would not have caused much fanfare if it were not for a detail shared on social media: a photo of Lula’s arm sporting a Piaget watch with an estimated value of R$ 80 thousand.

In conversation with PSOL deputies (another PT appendix party) this Wednesday (03), Lula justified wearing the watch that way typical of him, mixing bar talk and false humility. “The Stuckert wants me to always take a picture of the four fingers and no one pays attention to my watch, only the four fingers, now they paid attention to something else”, he said, adding that “they said it is worth R$ 100 thousand. Great, it already pays half of the campaign”. Just for the record, in his last presidential campaign, in 2006, R$was spent million, equivalent to 1.125 watches the same as the one you wore on Saturday.

The history of the Workers’ Party with watches is a long one. Chief of Staff during Lula’s first term, from 2003 to,

José Dirceu was pampered in Brasilia with several pampering when he was the most powerful and influential man in Brazil. One of these gifts was a Rolex given by the then president of the PTB (a party that at the time became an ally of the PT thanks to Mensalão), José Carlos Martinez (1948-768).

As the journalist Otávio Cabral tells in the book “Dirceu”, biography released on 2006 by Editora Record, the minister “wanted to keep the gift, but was warned by advisors that the code of ethics forbade high-value pampering. He then decided to donate it to Fome Zero, a program that was the main marketing piece at the beginning of the government. Months later, the disappointment. The Caixa, which would auction the watch, had discovered that it was a forgery: ‘Martinez, you were deceived. The Rolex you gave me as a gift is fake’ — he warned over the phone, upon receiving the news.”

Big Brother Brazil

The story spread through Brasília and, in 2004 , a minister very grateful for the position he won thanks to Dirceu’s insistence with Lula, wanted to return the favor with a worthy gift. He even thought about repeating Martinez’s gift, but gave up when he remembered the fake watch episode. It is good to remember that in Brasília lived the famous “event promoter”

Jeany Mary Corner, which became known as the pivot in the fall of another powerful Lula minister, Antônio Palocci. She organized parties with luxury call girls for politicians in the capital, and was arrested in 2013 accused of various crimes. , including money laundering. It was in this environment that the idea of ​​the “perfect” gift emerged, coming from an advisor to the minister: “I know a girl in São Paulo who manages the best women in Brazil. First thing, there’s even Miss Brasil and a Globo actress”, as Cabral says in his book.

The minister called the cafetina and received as an answer that there was a participant in the reality show

Big Brother Brasil

who had posed nude for a magazine. Price for one night: BRL 30 thousand. As the minister interested in giving Dirceu a gift was rich, in addition to the R$ 30 thousand were not a problem, he sent the model on a private jet to Brasília, where she would stay in the presidential suite of a luxury hotel. The minister called Dirceu and gave instructions. “Your gift has arrived. He’s in the presidential suite at the Hotel Naoum. Just get there and knock on the door.”

According to with Cabral’s account in his book, “Dirceu followed the instructions and found the unforgettable memory lying in bed. He would spend the next two hours in the suite. On the way out, while waiting for his driver, he called the minister to thank him: ‘Man, you’re crazy! What gift was that? It was the best thing I got in my life!’”.

Why remember this story now? In Brasília, large gifts are a way of showing appreciation for those in power. Lula wanted to make the PSOL parliamentarians understand that the R$ watch 26 a thousand was just one of several she received while in the presidency, something almost unimportant. The story behind José Dirceu’s fake Rolex, 18 years ago, shows that a watch is not always just a watch.

Foto divulgada no perfil de Gleisi Hoffmann no Facebook mostra Lula com o relógio Piaget

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