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Lula, the candidate of sience


Despite the twisted nose of voters who like to say they are disgusted, yesterday’s debate was a debate. It wasn’t two brucutus howling at their respective cattle. Instead, there were two representatives of two ways of reading the reality of Brazil and the world. I just don’t say that the debate was the best it could be because one of the candidates was entitled to his own facts. What one said it was, the other said it wasn’t. So, in my opinion, the debate served for the undecided to calibrate their lie detectors. And when Lula said that Deputy Bolsonaro adored his government and did not make a single contrary speech during the eight years of government, then he got it wrong and there was no one who thought that the current president is the storyteller.

The world for Bolsonaro

Let’s go to the world for Bolsonaro: Brazil went through a looting organized by Lula, Petrobras and the transposition of the São Francisco River were especially harmed because of the robbery, Bolsa Família was a sham, Lula is a friend of the drug dealers instead of the workers in the favelas. Belo Horizonte was left without a subway because Lula took taxpayer money to give it to Caracas, which got a subway sponsored by us for free, since the BNDES had defaulted.

At the beginning of

, Brazil was one of the first to warn about the state of emergency and was ignored both by supranational entities and by governors who wanted to have carnival anyway. With the pandemic already in place, Mandetta gave a criminal order by ordering people to only look for the hospital when they were feeling short of breath; he himself (Bolsonaro) had been correct in preaching “vertical isolation” (without the very harmful school closures); as for medicines (chloroquine and ivermectin) and vaccines, time will tell who is right. Bolsonaro defended medical autonomy and was against the confinement policy. Vaccines were bought early, and the governors of the Northeast are the biggest culprits of corruption in this pandemic, since Carlos Gabas was buying a respirator in a marijuana store – something that the CPI of the pandemic left aside to just talk about an alleged scheme of corruption that was not carried out.

As for the global situation, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine generate inflation. That’s why prices have gone up, but the government has been trying to lower prices without disrespecting the laws of the market.

In short, that’s it.

Lula’s world

Lula’s world is a hybrid of past and media fiction. As for the past, it is worth remembering that statement to the cheerleaders of progressive bloggers: “As I was the opposition for a long time, I got tired of traveling the world talking bad about Brazil, people! It was beautiful for us to travel the world and say: ‘In Brazil there are 30 millions of street children. In Brazil there are…’, we didn’t even know… ‘There are I don’t even know how many millions of abortions.’ It was all clandestine, but we were quoting numbers, you know. If a guy asked for the source, we didn’t have it, but we had to say numbers. I never forget. One day I was debating me, Roberto Marinho and Jaime Lerner in Paris. So I was there talking, I had some numbers, I don’t even know which entity it was, I won’t say it here either, because I’m already 68 years old, I won’t… But I was saying: ‘Because in Brazil there are 25 millions of street children’. I was warmly applauded by the French. When I finished speaking, Jaime Lerner said to me: ‘Hey Lula, you can’t have 25 millions of street children, Lula, because otherwise we I wouldn’t be able to walk the streets, Lula. It’s a lot of people.’ (LAUGHTER) So, there are people who like to talk like that. So, today, when I quote a number, I want to know the source. Give me the source so I don’t get it wrong, because…”.

Lula goes on saying what he thinks the audience wants to hear and gives him details. Then there are things like Emergency Aid of 600 thousand reais, a bridge connecting Minas Gerais to Mato Grosso and a promise to put teachers to work on Sundays. The high point, in my view, was when he sentenced, full of certainty, that the Amazon had been deforested more with Bolsonaro than with him. Bolsonaro was not even angry: he laughed and instructed the viewer to do a brief Google search.

This lie was revealing. Because it is in full agreement with the alternative reality sold by the hegemonic media, which goes something like this: silence proves that Bolsonaro is the devil and is going to kill the whole world, perhaps ending life on the planet, not without first establishing a regime dictatorial.

According to this view of the facts, the pandemic started only after the carnival of 2020, and it would be necessary to arrest everyone at home until the vaccines appear . In the meantime, it was worth arresting people alone on the beach or in the square, for everyone’s safety. Once first world vaccines appeared, it would be necessary to buy them at any price, with any contract, at any stage of development. Then it would be necessary to force everyone to take it, for everyone’s safety. And if serious side effects of the vaccine or evidence of the effectiveness of cheap medicines appeared, it was necessary to “fight fake news”, otherwise no one would take the vaccines (with an undetermined amount of doses) and everyone would die.

As Bolsonaro has not adhered to any of these commandments, it can only mean one thing: every death in this country is his fault, which is therefore genocidal. At the time of the Manaus strain, it was said that its emergence was Bolsonaro’s fault as well. All this reminds me of the part about badmouthing Brazil to win applause. And then take him to say that Bolsonaro deforested a lot, then the world will run out of lungs and everyone will die. So that was it: Lula acted as a spokesperson for siença, and siença says he cannot vote for Bolsonaro.

Otherwise, as for the global situation, it practically does not exist. The outside only appears to condemn Brazil or to be considered superior compared to Brazil. We have high inflation here because of Bolsonaro, who is holding prices à la Dilma and, when the election passes, the price goes up again. And when asked about corruption in his own government, Lula goes crazy and leaves with evasions.

As for the favelas, there are only poor people and workers. There is nothing compromising about entering the Maré CPX (sic) with impunity, and anyone who suspects that there are traffickers there is actually being prejudiced against the poor.

By accusing Bolsonaro, Lula just does not It’s just like the media because it doesn’t act like a mega defender of democracy against Chavismo. Apart from that, it’s all the same. Lula knows how to say what the audience wants to hear. Just don’t ask her to record numbers or know where Mato Grosso is.

The elephant in the room

I was going to talk about the disconnection between the press and reality focusing on Pazuello, who was considered a resounding failure by the press and Lula. Cariocas made him the second most voted deputy in the state, with more than 200 a thousand votes, while they left the “science bench” sucking their thumbs. See UFRJ professor Tatiana Roque, who celebrates being an alternate at the top of her 30 thousand votes, even though she had the sponsorship of Moreira Salles and Armínio Fraga. “Biologist Henrique” obtained less than 3.000 votes. Mandetta, a hero of the pandemic according to the press and Lula, was unable to get elected in his home state of Mato Grosso do Sul, despite being a traditional politician. She took a beating from the candidate from Bolsonaro’s base: she was elected senator with 60%, he only got 25 %.

However, an elephant entered the room – mine and the press – while I was writing these things. Tarcísio has just been attacked by bandits while on his way to a “community”, that is, a favela, in São Paulo. As reported by Folha de S. Paulo and O Globo, they only claim that shootings interrupted the visit – as if it were just part of the landscape. Uol’s profile on Twitter went even further, and before one o’clock it already said that the police “denied” (sic) the version that it was an attack.

It’s better not to comment on anything. , because the TSE complains.

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