Lula did not win. It was Bolsonaro who lost

It looks like a word game or speech from someone who doesn’t accept results. But looking at it from afar, far away, there is a feeling that there is a widespread mistake in PTismo – be it official, militant, academic, editorial, judiciary or prison. Former president Luíz Inácio Lula da Silva, who received more than 60 million votes, won the contest, but he and his gang are wrong to think that they rocked it and that they will land on the Plateau with a blank check. Despite his political merits and his faithful and reconverted followers, Lula won nothing. It was Jair Bolsonaro who lost. Largely for himself, as a consequence of a number of factors ranging from his often irascible temper, insane allies and an addiction to gambling to a permanently inflamed base.

Lula won the title. election and all the protests that contest the result are nothing more than a combination of dismay and manipulation. Bolsonarism seems not to have understood how giant it came out of these elections. They are so large that although it is impossible to make an honest statement, it is reasonable to estimate that, despite having lost, the number of Bolsonaristas is by far greater than that of PT.

The suspicion is based on the fact that that Lula did not win for what he is, represents or was. An important part of its electoral capital came from the voter who rejected Bolsonaro. That’s the least bad option. Or even those who, through a disastrous account, bet on the viability of the vice president, former governor Geraldo Alckmin, who has already tried twice for the presidency and lost.

In practice, the discussion seems not to change much. if it was Lula who won or Bolsonaro who lost. After all, on January 1st, PT will receive the presidential sash and start his third term. The point is that Lula is not above the jerky. He will certainly start his government with the same honeymoon atmosphere as 2002, when the press treated him with great affection.

Bolsonaro was never accepted as president . Much earlier, by the way, still in 2018, the directors of the main media in the country met to discuss how to prevent a possible victory for the then federal deputy, even if it was “pretending to do journalism”. Bolsonaro never understood this and took every bait that was thrown at him and the four years that followed were a real beating.

The indignation and the feeling of injustice of the Bolsonaristas is well-founded. They were mocked. Dehumanized, they were called cattle. Reduced to fascists, they became a kind of coup cancer that needs to be extirpated from Brazilian society.

Stunned by the defeat, Jair Bolsonaro’s voters took to the streets in the vacuum left by the president who stayed two days in silence and when he spoke it was not clear enough for his followers. A day later, he had to be explicit. President Bolsonaro understood that despite being full of machinations and injustices, the electoral process is over. It’s time to move on. Lick the wounds, regroup the base and look to the future.

When they take to the streets, close roads and ask for military intervention based on a mistaken interpretation of the Federal Constitution, Bolsonaristas squander their own political and electoral heritage that they have shown to have for more 58 millions of votes, although, obviously, it is not correct to call everyone who voted for Bolsonaro as Bolsonaristas.

Since the initial milestone of the Bolsonaro government, the PT and its ilk worked daily to convince half the world that democracy was in danger. And that only they could save Brazil from barbarism. A work of defamation so efficient that it made Bolsonaro so horrendous, that even Lula – who was imprisoned for his central role in the biggest corruption scheme ever discovered – after he got out of jail and had his convictions overturned through a maneuver juridical was won the sympathy of many people as if known and proven facts had never existed.

But he needs to say it clearly for those who are being manipulated by uninformed or even malicious people to question the results. There is a very recent example that should serve as a warning. American Donald Trump lost re-election more for his mistakes than for the virtues of Joe Biden, but he came out much better politically than in the victory he won four years earlier. Leader of a movement that would certainly make him a viable candidate and possibly a winner in the 2024 elections, Trump preferred to fall into the trap of contesting the results and hanged himself by summoning his supporters to the street and staying silent while they marched to the Capitol. The result was that in less than two hours, everything that was said against him if his government would represent the implosion of democracy became reality.

There is no point in discussing whether it was a trap or if there was manipulation of security services. foreign intelligence through the bizarre figure of QAnon, or whatever. Trump has melted away and much of his reputation and membership in his group has gone into space. The biggest loser was Trump and his supporters. The events in the Capitol began to be treated as a preview of the chaos in post-electoral Brazil. The lesson of Trumpism to Brazil should have been learned, but, it seems, those who are on the streets in Brazil did not understand the error of the Trumpist base and apparently are heading towards the abyss like the Americans who did not understand that, now, like cattle , walked to the slaughterhouse. The PT must be loving it.

Finally, those who celebrate organized acting as a parastatal force flirts and stimulates one of the elements of institutional implosion. As much as the State is failing to resolve conflicts, it is from the State that we must demand a return to normality. Nothing is more Chavista than newspapers, journalists and politicians celebrating or normalizing parastatal action as resistance. It recalls the emergence of Bolivarian collectives and militias in Venezuela. I hope it’s just a delusion. Will take.

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