Lula asks Colombians to vote for former guerrilla in neighboring country's presidential elections

Lula asks for a vote for a left-wing candidate in Colombia. Elections in the neighboring country are this Sunday (29)| Photo: Ricardo Stuckert/PT

Pre-candidate for president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), at an event with popular movements in São Paulo this Friday (21), asked Colombians to vote on the candidate for president Gustavo Petro, senator and former member of the guerrilla M- which is in first place in the polls for the election in Colombia, whose first round will be this Sunday (29).

Lula said that she “doesn’t like to give her opinion on another country’s politics”, but led a chorus, asking the audience present to repeat her words: “We, Brazilian workers, students, representatives of all movements social movements in Brazil… we want to ask the working people of Colombia, the students of Colombia, the social movements of Colombia, all those who defend democracy that on the day of the Colombian election, next Sunday, the people could vote for comrade Gustavo Petro for president of Colombia”.

According to PT, the election of Petro, who has a left-wing agenda, and his own in Brazil, will enable “the union of the countries of South America “, to “build a strong South America, with political integration, economic integration and cultural integration, so that we have a very strong bloc to negotiate with other blocs around the world”. “Gustavo Petro is certain that Colombia will be democratic after the elections,” added Lula.

At another time, PT provoked President Jair Bolsonaro due to the Datafolhasurvey, published this Thursday (), which placed it with 21 percentage points ahead of the president. “I imagine Bolsonaro didn’t sleep last night,” he said. During the event, he also stated that, if elected, his government will “demarcate the landsthat have to be demarcated and put an end to illegal mining in indigenous lands”.

*05093832Datafolha interviewed 2.

voters between days 27 and 21 from May to 26 The survey was commissioned by the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper and is registered in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) with the protocol BR-05093832/The margin of error is plus or minus two percentage points, and the confidence level is 95%.

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