Lover OTT release date: When and where to watch this rom drama starring Manikandan, Sri Gouri Priya

Lover, the February 9 release of Prabhuram Vyas’s debut film starring Manikandan, will be available on a well-known OTT platform. Lover received favorable reviews from both critics and fans when it first came out. The film’s three main performers, Manikandan, Sri Gouri Priya, and Kanna Ravi, received accolades for their performances as well as for capturing the genuine and unfiltered feelings of unrequited love. Film enthusiasts may now view this compelling movie, which focuses on a couple’s marital problems and the challenges they encounter, as it makes its OTT debut.

Lover OTT Release Date 

Lover is set to premiere on Hotstar on 27 March 2024.

The pair Arun and Divya are the subject of the film. They had dated since their time as college students. However, things haven’t been easy after graduation; Divya is employed, while Arun finds it difficult to make ends meet. Despite Divya’s struggles, Arun’s conventional mindset has always attempted to dominate her. It is also demonstrated to us that this connection has plenty of ups and downs. Lover shows us how this relationship has developed.

When and Where to Watch Lover

You can watch this drama thriller on 27 March 2024, on Hotstar.

In Lover, Prabhuram Vyas retells this opening sequence in several ways, including fighting, drinking, gaslighting, warnings, apologizing, and patching things up. This keeps us interested in the tug-of-war between the two people in this relationship. Can this couple, consisting of an insecure and controlling boyfriend and a young woman who aspires to independence, stay together? Although it’s evident that they both care about one another, is their relationship reaching a breaking point?

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With the help of cinematographer Shreyaas Krishna’s subtle shots that add realism and composer Sean Roldan’s evocative compositions that effectively accentuate the atmosphere of the situations, Prabhuram Vyas delivers this story without any artifice (and glorification). Additionally, he has two performers in Manikandan and Sri Gouri Priya whose authentic performances give his main characters more life and nuance.

Lover Movie Story

Prabhuram Vyas’s Lover opens with Divya (Sri Gouri Priya), an IT worker, telling her coworkers by the beach how she fell in love with Arun (Manikandan). She smiles broadly as she remembers how she first met him, and the film illustrates how the two clicked and entered a committed relationship. However, Divya’s tale is cut off by an Arun phone call. However, the smile disappears from her face in an instant. With hesitation, she answers the phone, feigning to be at a gathering. He is not persuaded, so he begins to question her further. It is then that she realizes he has discovered her lie—from a photo that her buddy posted on social media. And later on in her residence, the enraged Arun approaches her. They battle. She begs him, calls him out on his drinking, and makes threats to leave. He yells, gaslights her, and then apologizes profusely. They combine.

Cast and crew of Lover

In the film “Lover,” actor Manikandan plays the main role, and actress Sri Gouri Priya makes her feature film debut in Tamil with Manikandan. The cast members’ identities and other data have not yet been disclosed by the film crew. The writer and director of the film “Lover” is Prabhu Ram Vyas. Under the auspices of Million Dollar Studios in collaboration with MRP Entertainment, Pasilian Nazerath, Magesh Raj Pasilian, and Yuvaraj Ganesan are producing this film. Sean Roldan composed the soundtrack for this film, while Shreyaas Krishna handled the photography.

Manikandan, primarily because to his superb and organic portrayal of Arun. In his career, the young actor is assuming many characters, and he plays them all with the fullest sincerity. The nicest thing is that, well done on his Telugu dubbing; it’s excellent.

Lover OTT release date

Sri Gouri Priya is outstanding in the film True Lover. It was wonderful how she showed the agony that the unhealthy relationship had caused her. Though it’s a very difficult job to do, Gouri Priya killed it and took center stage. The protagonist and the actress have a nice chemistry. If Sri Gouri Priya makes sensible career decisions, she will undoubtedly succeed. The conclusion makes sense in light of everything that was shown in the second half. Others fit right in with their jobs.

The soundtrack and songs by Sean Ronaldon reflect the mood of the movie. Even the creators chose to depict the negative aspects of the protagonist pair’s relationship using a contrasting color scheme. Shreyaas Krishna’s cinematography is powerful, and the production values are good. The length is a significant drawback. These kinds of love flicks require precise editing.

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Prabhuram Vyas, the director, has some success. It’s a commendable notion for him to highlight the harsh realities of modern living, and he also got strong performances out of Manikandan and Gouri Priya. However, to make the movie more captivating, he needs to have thought of more original and intriguing concepts. Although the finale is handled masterfully, the second half drags and becomes tedious.

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