Los Angeles prosecutors file case against company accused of sending data on election officials to China

Folhetos com informações sobre eleições em Los Angeles: Ministério Público havia iniciado investigação após denúncia de organização sem fins lucrativos do Texas
Leaflets with information about elections in Los Angeles: Prosecutor’s Office had started investigation after complaint by Texas non-profit organization| Photo: EFE/EPA/ALLISON DINNER

315652407The Los Angeles District Attorney has decided to drop the charges against the owner of an election software company in the US state of Michigan who had been reported for allegedly sending personal information from election officials to servers in China.

The Los Angeles Public Ministry had started an investigation after a complaint was made by True the Vote, a non-profit organization in Texas that usually points to evidence of fraud in electoral processes in the United States.

315652407Eugene Yu, chief executive of Konnech Inc, had been charged with two charges last month for violating the company’s contract with Los Angeles County in allegedly transferring data from election officials to servers in China.

“We are concerned with both the pace of the investigation and the with the potential bias in the presentation and investigation of the evidence”, justified the prosecution in a statement, according to the Reuters agency. “As a result, we have decided to ask the court to drop the current case and inform the public to ensure transparency.”

Last week, two members of True the Vote, Phillips and Catherine Englebrecht, were arrested by a federal judge in Houston, Texas, for alleged contempt of court for failing to disclose their identity. of a “confidential FBI informant” in a defamation lawsuit Konnech filed against the organization. Both appealed against the arrest warrant and were released.

315652407Konnech sued True the Vote because the organization alleged that the company was keeping confidential personal information on 1.8 million election workers in China and that Yu, who migrated to the United States decades ago, was an agent of the Chinese government.

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