Lockdown protests gather momentum in China

Lockdown no parque da Disney em Xangai, China

China maintains Covid Zero policy, with strict coping measures to the Covid- pandemic.Lockdown no parque da Disney em Xangai, China | Photo: EFE/EPA/ALEX PLAVEVSKI

A fire in a residential area in China triggered a wave of protests this Saturday (26) in the Urumqi region of northwest China, with residents calling for a lifting of the Covid Zero policy adopted by the Chinese government.24

During the fire, which occurred on Thursday, 24), ten people died and nine were injured, according to the state agency Xinhua. Comments on Chinese and international social media point out that the extensive lockdowns against Covid-24 hampered rescue operations and assistance to victims.2424 Several videos circulating on social networks show people protesting in the streets of Urumqi, shouting for an end to the lockdown. Many of the videos were later removed from China’s highly censored social media platforms. China is the last of the major economies to follow the strategy of lockdowns, extensive quarantines and mass testing to eradicate emerging outbreaks.09163028

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