Is Liv Morgan Dating Bo Dallas? All The Latest Rumours And Updates

The wrestling community is familiar with Liv Morgan, one of the most stunning female Superstars on the WWE roster. Over the years, she has remained romantically involved with a number of her WWE colleagues. Before it was revealed that she dated Enzo Amore, the New Jersey native was rumoured to have had a brief relationship with former NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate.


Several reports about Liv Morgan and Bo Dallas dating surfaced in 2021, partly as a result of their common interest in farming. Despite neither of the teams having formally confirmed these reports, Ric Flair, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, has recognised this association. On his To Be The Man podcast, Flair revealed details about the Rotundas, Dallas’ family.

“I was overjoyed to run into Bray Wyatt. I recently saw Mike’s wife, Barry’s sister. Mike attended the 30th anniversary [of RAW] as well. Barry [Windhambrother-in-law ]’s Mike Rotunda. So, Barry is getting better. He is in Tampa… He has left what is known as The Compound.

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The Bray Wyatt/Mike Rotunda compound would be there. Bo has a tonne of property there. Bo is currently with Liv Morgan. Are they married, I believe? I’m not sure. Indeed, I also saw Bray’s wife JoJo. They are a pretty content family, indeed.

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Enzo Amore, a former WWE Superstar, recently praised Liv Morgan, his ex-girlfriend.

On the Monte & The Pharaoh LI#1 Pro Wrestling Show, Enzo Amore mentioned her ex-girlfriend Liv Morgan and how glad he is of how far she has come in her career. She is a decent person who deserves all of the success she is having, Enzo continued. The opportunity to compete at WrestleMania and holding a top title were two of the primary goals that the WWE Superstar her ex accomplished.

Liv Morgan Dating

Bo Dallas and Liv Morgan have been dating for a long, but they haven’t yet tied the knot. There haven’t been any speculations of them getting married, although they might do so in the future. Before starting to date Liv Morgan in 2019, Bo Dallas previously married Sarah Blackman, a fellow NXT alum. The couple divorced in 2019.


Bo Dallas, the sibling of Bray Wyatt and the kid of WWE Hall of Famer I.R.S., was sacked from WWE in 2021 as a result of budget constraints. He may now appear on television as “Uncle Howdy,” according to rumours that he has rejoined WWE, but this is not confirmed.

Dallas was let go by the WWE in April 2021, but Morgan has been appearing on SmackDown. Fans have speculated that Dallas and Morgan would both return to the company at some point.

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Even the Wyatt 6 characters, who followed Bray Wyatt to the promotion upon his reappearance, have been the subject of some speculation. Although Morgan’s relationship with Dallas and his return to the WWE have not been formally confirmed, it would be interesting to see them collaborate in the ring.

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