Will Linda Yaccarino’s Net Worth Increase Dramatically As Twitter’s Next CEO?

Linda Yaccarino, an independent company director. Since 2011, Ms. Yaccarino has served as Chairman, Advertising and Client Relationships for NBCUniversal, LLC (“NBCUniversal”). Ms. Yaccarino is in charge of NBCUniversal’s nearly $10 billion broadcast, cable, and digital portfolio’s overall market strategy and advertising revenue.

If speculations regarding Linda Yaccarino’s discussions with Twitter about taking over as CEO after Elon Musk’s probable exit are genuine, her net worth might rise by millions in less than a year.

The present CEO of Twitter has tweeted that she will step down from her position in about six weeks and be succeeded by an unnamed woman. The Tesla owner will transition into a more technical and product-focused role in the interim.

“My role will move to becoming exec chair & CTO, overseeing product, software & sysops,” he said on Twitter to announce the change. We are all aware that the incoming Twitter CEO will be extremely wealthy, just like the CEOs who came before them. How much more money would Linda be able to make if she were to replace Elon Musk?

Linda Yaccarino’s Net Worth Spike with New Role


At the moment, Linda earns $4 million each year. The general people is unaware of her financial wealth.

It is nothing compared to the staggering $30 million a year that Parag Agarwal, Twitter’s former CEO, received in total compensation.

He received $29 million in stock compensation in addition to his annual salary and bonus of nearly $1 million. Also, Twitter paid his $64,000 in security services.

If Linda is chosen to be the new CEO of Twitter, her pay and consequently her wealth will rise.

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Is Linda Yaccarino the Next Elon Musk?

Presently, Linda is serving in the capacity of Chairman of global advertising and partnerships, overseeing the strategic and operational link between all of NBC Universal’s international networks, brands, and business units.

She oversees a 2000-person global team that works to connect numerous businesses with millions of television viewers.


The reason Elon is considering replacing him is that, if the reports are true, her team has generated more than $100 billion in ad sales since she joined NBCU in 2011.

Before joining NBCU, Linda had experience working with WarnerMedia’s TV operations, which has helped her accomplish much more in her career.

Linda has two children, Christian and Matthew, with her husband, Claude Peter Madrazo, in her personal life.

Says Various Media Linda has been helping Twitter for the past few months to improve the company’s reputation with advertisers.

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According to rumors, NBCUniversal and Twitter have negotiated a deal under which content related to the 2015 Paris Olympics will be made available on the microblogging platform.

She is said to have long admired Elon Musk and to have professional ties to Twitter’s vice president of global sales and marketing, Chris Riedy.

Personal Life of Linda Yaccarino


Before joining NBCU, Linda rose through the ranks of WarnerMedia’s TV operations, gaining tremendous expertise. More specifically, Linda is wed to Claude Peter Madrazo, with whom she shares two boys, Christian and Matthew.

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NBCUniversal’s Linda Yaccarino, Chairperson of Advertising and Client Relationships makes $4 million annually; her estimated net worth is not disclosed. Her income would climb dramatically if she were to succeed Evan Williams as CEO of Twitter, who earned $30 million in total compensation, including stock awards.

Linda, who has a wealth of knowledge in TV operations, has contributed significantly to the success of NBCUniversal’s ad sales, producing more than $100 billion since entering the firm. She has two boys, Christian and Matthew, and she is married to Claude Peter Madrazo.

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