Inside Lexi Rivera’s Love Life: From Ben Azelart To Andrew Davila

Lexi Rivera is reportedly in a relationship with Andrew Davila after dating YouTuber Ben Azelart from 2018 until 2020.

Andrew and Lexi are currently an item. On June 7, 2001, gymnast and Internet personality Alexa Brooke Rivera was born in the United States.

She first garnered notoriety by starring in videos created by her older brother Brent Rivera, and then she began creating her own content. Amp Studios, the content creation company owned by her brother Brent Rivera, is her current place of employment.

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Past Relationships

1. Ben Azelart

Lexi reportedly met Ben Azelart in 2017, around the time Amp Studios was established and creators began contracting with the company (b. Jan. 10, 2002). Ben asserted that they were mute for the first six months following the meeting. In 2018, they realised they had feelings for each other and began courting.


Between 2018 and 2020, they appeared frequently in each other’s social media posts and in Brent Rivera’s recordings.

In November 2020, Lexi uploaded a YouTube video titled “We Broke Up” to proclaim their separation. They acknowledged that it was difficult for them to act as if everything was great on camera, but claimed that the decision to end their relationship was mutual and that the real reason was not as dramatic as people may believe.

Then they described the evolution of their relationship, stating that their true selves were vastly different from the personas they presented to the camera. Eventually, they reached a point where they could no longer maintain the façade.

In addition, they asserted that because they were so young when the relationship began and had since matured, they are now better off as friends. They added that they wished they had the opportunity to live independently as young adults.

In their final statement, they vowed to remain friends even after their separation and expressed their willingness to date in the future if the stars aligned properly. Here is the video in which they announced their separation.

2. Andrew Davila

According to speculations, Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila, who frequently collaborates with Lexi, are related. Neither individual has yet made their relationship official.



Lexi Rivera, a gymnast and internet personality, rose to prominence via her brother Brent Rivera’s videos and is presently affiliated with Amp Studios.

From 2018 to 2020, she dated YouTuber Ben Azelart, and their separation was mutual and amicable. She is reportedly in a relationship with colleague creator Andrew Davila, but there is no official confirmation.

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