Less popular than his mother and sons, the eternal prince finally becomes King Charles III

Prince Charles assumes the throne of the United Kingdom after seven decades of waiting his turn, since he became heir at the age of three, when his mother, Elizabeth II, assumed the crown on February 6,


Charles, currently married to Camilla Parker, Duchess of Cornwall, begins to reign when he is already a grandfather and passes what for some is the retirement age, although her mother has already torn up this convention by holding the scepter until she was 96 years old, making her the longest-lived sovereign in British history.

During this waiting time, the Prince of Wales, who has two children, William and Harry, with his first wife, Princess Diana, broke several records, the first being the oldest heir.


Elizabeth II’s eldest son broke that mark on September

, when he surpassed his ancestor William IV, who ascended the throne in June 1830, at 63 a us, after the death of his brother George IV.

William IV died without heirs in 1837 and was succeeded by his niece Victoria, who by her time became the British monarch with the longest reign, 63 years, until she was surpassed by Elizabeth II.

Although Charles was the oldest male heir, he couldn’t beat the woman who had the most years of waiting, Sofia of Hannover (1630-1714), who died at 63 years old without having put on the crown.

In addition to being the longest-lived heir, Charles is also the longest-serving heir, surpassing Edward VII, who ascended the throne 21 years after his mother’s death. , Victoria, in 1901.

From his earliest childhood, Prince Charles, who has a large entourage of advisors, was groomed to be king, which made the wait even more agonizing.

Becoming grandfather to Prince George, son of William and Kate Middleton, in 22 of July 2013, joked that the birth was the high point of his existence from 64 years.

An undisguised impatience

Charles had already indicated that he regretted the long wait and, in an official video recorded during a visit to Scotland in 2012, suggested that the prospect of his reign was waning.

“Impatient? I? What a suggestion! Of course I am! My time will run out soon. I’ll be extinct if I’m not careful”, he then declared.

His biographer, Penny Junor, pointed out that, in return, becoming king will prevent Charles from taking care of what filled his life until now, his profitable property in the Duchy of Cornwall, with which it trades food products, and its various charities.

In addition to the determination of his mother, who at 19 years promised to serve the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth for his entire life, “short or long”, Charles also had to deal with the increased popularity of his children.

A poll carried out in July 2013, after the birth of Prince George – third in the line of succession – indicated that the most popular royals after the Queen were the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. , William and Kate, and Prince Harry.

In addition to his personal problems such as Princess Diana’s bitter divorce, his public image has contributed to his unpopularity, as he is often seen as affected and pompous.

Charles is accused of not wanting to accept the current limitations of a monarch, who is a purely ceremonial figure, and is known to have written to the government to try to influence national affairs.

In this new stage, when he occupies the position for which he was born and educated, Charles will finally be able to demonstrate if, after adapting to the role of eternal heir, he can also conquer the role of king.

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