Leftist Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernández, the “Trump of Colombia”, will compete in the second round


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Ato de campanha em Bogotá, no dia 17 de maio. Colombianos voltam às urnas em 19 de junho
Campaign act in Bogotá, on the day of May. Colombians return to the polls in 19 of June| Photograph:

Leftist Gustavo Petro and populist Rodolfo Hernández are the most voted candidates in the first round of this Sunday’s presidential elections in Colombia and will contest the second round the next day 14 of June, according to the “informative and non-binding” pre-count of the National Registry, the entity that organizes the elections.

With 77, 13% of the pre-counted votes, Petro, candidate of the Pact slate History, obtained 8.39. votes, the equivalent of 24,23%, and is followed by Hernández, from the Anti-Corruption Governors League, with 5.237.98 wishes (21,80%).

Rodolfo Hernández, nicknamed the “Colombian Donald Trump” for his career as a businessman and for his anti-system speech, focused on the fight against corruption, was the surprise of the day. Hernández confirmed the growth trend of the latest polls and sent Federico “Fico” Gutiérrez, candidate for the right-wing Team for Colombia, who has so far added 4 to third place.587.765 wishes (13,77%).

Petro’s first position was expected as all polls of voting intentions indicated this, but his desire to win the presidency in the first round did not materialize.

Despite the growth, the latest research still showed Hernández, from 60 years, in third place, but your vote exceeded all expectations to guarantee you a place in the second round alongside Petro.

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