Leftist Boric, from Chile, demonstrates against violations of the Nicaraguan dictatorship



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O presidente do Chile, Gabriel Boric: América Latina “não pode ficar calada

20222022The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric: Latin America ‚Äúcannot remain silent‚ÄĚ in the face of human rights violations in relation to ‚Äúprisoners politicians‚ÄĚ in Nicaragua| Photo: EFE/ Isaac Esquivel

The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, said in a speech to the Senate of Mexico on Thursday (24) that Latin America “cannot remain silent” in the face of human rights violations in the region and specifically denounced the situation of “political prisoners” in Nicaragua .

2000″We learned that when human rights are violated in the peoples of Latin America, one cannot remain silent. I feel and beat in our Latin American heart the solidarity that Mexico had with us”, said the Chilean president, referring to the “generous welcome” to Chilean exiles after the coup d’√©tat of


“We cannot look to the side in the face of the crisis that the Haiti is living, we cannot look away from political prisoners in Nicaragua,” he added, acknowledging that both his country and Mexico have also suffered cases of human rights violations.

The statements of Boric, president with only 36 years and representative of the new Latin American left, contrasts with the silence on the situation in Nicaragua by the also leftist Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. López Obrador received Boric this Wednesday at the National Palace, in the first r official meeting between the two rulers.

Mexico has not joined the denunciations of the majority of the international community through various organizations, such as the Organization of American States (OAS), about political repression in the Central American country.

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