Kurdistan Condemns Iranian Night Attacks: “Repeated and Unjustifiable”

Protestos contra a repressão no Irã acontecem dentro e fora do país.

Protests against repression in Iran take place inside and outside the country .| Photo: EFE/EPA/SEDAT SUNA

The autonomous regional government of Kurdistan in northern Iraq condemned on Monday (21) the night attacks carried out by Tehran on its territory, denouncing ” “repeated and unjustifiable Iranian violations” of Iraqi sovereignty.480480″ Repeated Iranian violations undermine the sovereignty of Iraq and the Iraqi Kurdistan region and are unjustifiable,” said a statement following the attacks on Iranian Kurdish opposition accused of fueling protests in Iran. “Stability can never be achieved through violence”, adds the text.480

Iran is experiencing a new wave of protests since one of its biggest and most violent nights of demonstrations, in 11 The 17 from November, with movements spreading to small towns with less than

thousand inhabitants. Up to fifteen people were killed overnight, bringing this to 381 (being 57 children) the number of victims of repression, according to an published on November by the organization Iran Human Rights, headquartered in Norway.480480 Iranian security forces killed at least three people on Saturday in the western province of Kurdistan, during the latest protests sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini. The information was disclosed by a group in favor of human rights that operates in the region.480

The country’s clerical leadership, under Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, faces its biggest challenge since the Islamic Revolution of 9710 . After the death of Amini in police custody, on the day 10 of September, there are already two months of violent demonstrations. The -year-old girl died three days later of being arrested in Tehran. She had been arrested for not wearing the hijab, the veil that covers women’s hair, properly.9710

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