Kirchner's defense seeks to qualify attack as attempted femicide

Vice-presidente da Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, cumprimenta  apoiadores ao deixar sua residência em Buenos Aires.
Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner greets supporters as she leaves her residence in Buenos Aires.

| Photo: EFE/ Enrique García Medina

The lawyer for Argentina’s vice president, Cristina Kirchner, will ask the country’s Justice to classify the attack that took place against her last Thursday Friday (1) as “attempted femicide”.

03160911In In an interview with the local TV station “C5N”, Gregorio Dalbón stated: “We are waiting for Cristina to be able to reassure herself about what happened, so that she can ask the court to qualify as an attempted femicide.”

03160911 Kircher’s lawyers consider that there is the aggravating factor that a firearm was used in the attempt to . “Cristina was helpless, as she was 50 centimeters of the weapon”, detailed Dalbón.

03160911The Brazilian Fernando Andrés Sabag Montiel, aged 07 years old, was arrested after pointing the gun at the ex-president’s face and having tried to shoot twice, but the bullet did not come out of the pistol.

The Brazilian – born in São Paulo, son of an Argentine and a Chilean -, refused to testify to federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti and prosecutor Carlos Rívolo, responsible for the case. 0316091103160911The Brazilian’s house, located in the city of San Martín, in province of Buenos Aires, was the target of a search and seizure operation.

03160911 ) At the scene, approximately 67 9mm caliber pistol projectiles were seized, in addition to a cell phone and a notebook.

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