Kim Jong-un calls for strengthening North Korea's defensive capabilities

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called for strengthening “national defense capabilities” in the face of the “aggravation” of the situation on the Korean peninsula during the Workers’ Party plenary session that ended yesterday.

Kim launched this message at the end of this key meeting to resolve organizational issues and political priorities of the regime, held at a time marked by rising tensions in the region and the wave of possible Covid-19 infections. 19 in the North, state media reported on Saturday (local date).

The North Korean dictator “underscored the need to continually direct great efforts to strengthen national defensive capabilities”, and also referred to the “serious health crisis” caused by the coronavirus.

“The current security situation is in danger of getting worse,” said Kim, who also urged the country to “achieve the objective of increasing its defensive capabilities as quickly as possible” and signed the principle of “fighting power with power”, according to the state news agency “KCNA”.

During the plenary session of the single party, it was also decided to appoint the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of Choe Son-Hui, until now the North Korean vice-chancellor and who had previously been responsible for nuclear weapons issues and negotiations with the United States.

The then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ri Son-gwon, will become responsible for inter-Korean relations, according to “KCNA”.

Regarding the pandemic, Kim stressed the need to “strengthen the foundations of the health system” and analyze the “deficiencies ” detected during the moment of “maximum emergency”, after the regime confirmed in 12 May for the first time the presence of covid 19 in its territory.

The North Korean regime, which has been rejecting vaccine shipments proposed by South Korea or the COVAX fund, recorded 42.810 Nov the possible infections by covid-19 this Saturday, bringing the total to 4,39 million of possible infections. North Korean media did not offer additional data on deaths.

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