Kentucky court upholds abortions as it adjudicates state law

Ativistas pró-vida comemoram em frente à Suprema Corte dos Estados Unidos, após o anúncio da derrubada da jurisprudência federal sobre o aborto no país
Pro-life activists celebrate in front of the US Supreme Court, after the announcement of the overthrow of federal jurisprudence on abortion in the country| Photo: EFE/EPA/SHAWN THEW

The US state of Kentucky court ruled on Friday that abortions can continue to be performed in the state until the end of a judgment that will decide whether the prohibition of the procedure by the state authorities is legal.

Kentucky activated the abortion ban as soon as the Supreme Court decision was published that returned the power to legislate on the termination of pregnancy to the states. On 24 June, Judge Mitch Perry granted the two organizations’ request with Louisville abortion clinics, EMW Women’s Surgical Center and Planned Parenthood, and temporarily lifted the ban. Now, however, this temporary character disappears and abortions can continue to be performed at least until the outcome of the trial is known.

Kentucky was one of nine states that already had an abortion ban in place by the time the Supreme Court decision was published, which is why it took effect as early as 24 of June. In June, a Louisiana judge lifted the abortion ban. in this state, and on 24 June, a Texas judge made the same. There are other open litigations in the country and promoted by pro-abortion organizations that try to prevent the application of pro-life state laws.

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