All About Katherine Jackson Absolute Net Worth 2023- Is Katherine The Richest Of The Jackson Family?

Katherine Jackson, the mother of the most iconic pop artist, Michael Jackson, is a household name not only in the United States but all over the world. She is revered all around the world and serves as the family patriarch for the Jacksons. Katherine Esther Scruse was born on May 4, 1930, in Barbour County, Alabama.

Katherine was the fifth of ten children, all of whom presented a significant hardship for her parents, Prince Albert, and Martha Upshaw Scruse. She had a tough upbringing, experiencing poverty and segregation in the South.

Katherine Jackson’s Marriage To Joe Jackson


Katherine and Joe Jackson got married after meeting at a neighborhood dance in 1947 and quickly became close friends. They wed and moved to Gary, Indiana, in 1949, within a span of just two years.

Rebbie Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Michael Jackson, Randy Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Brandon Jackson, who sadly passed away shortly after birth, make up their brood of 10 children.

Katherine did a wonderful job of caring for her children, but it was not an easy path for her to take. Joseph Jackson, her husband, was a tough disciplinarian who was dedicated to helping his boys become household names in the music industry at any cost.

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Michael And His Brothers: Jackson 5

Joseph Jackson even put together a band consisting of his sons and played at several area locations. With all of this, Michael developed an interest in music and dancing, and Joe saw his potential and encouraged him to pursue it.


Because of Joe’s hard work and perseverance, Michael and his brothers became one of the most famous musical groups in history. They were famous as the Jackson 5, and their music and performances were well received. I Want You Back, ABC, and Never Can Say Goodbye are just a few of the massive successes they produced.

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Katherine Jackson Fight For Her Son Michael

In recent years, Katherine has remained active in the business aspect of her family’s legacy, despite her advanced age. She has sued multiple parties, including AEG, the concert promoter responsible for Michael’s disastrous “This Is It” tour, and has received threats of physical violence. Katherine has also fought in court for Michael Jackson’s estate on multiple occasions.

Katherine Jackson, despite all she’s been through, has been a devoted and caring mother to her children. Many people look up to her because of how much she cares for and helps her family. In 1989, the Black Women’s Network honored her with the Woman of the Year Award for her many contributions to the community.

Let’s Take A Look At Katherine Jackson’s Net Worth

Katherine Jackson is the matriarch of the famous Jackson family and a successful entrepreneur, novelist, and philanthropist. Katherine Jackson’s net worth is said to be around $100 million by a number of credible sites. Her wealth is the result of her own business endeavors and her share of Michael Jackson’s fortune.


Katherine Jackson has created a clothing brand and a fragrance line, among other commercial endeavors, over the years. She has written a book and made numerous media appearances, including one on “Celebrity Fit Club.” Katherine devotes a great deal of her time to helping others, and she has worked tirelessly to aid those whose lives were upended by Hurricane Katrina.

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Katherine Jackson is a magnificent woman who has added greatly to her family’s history. Her perseverance in the face of adversity is an inspiration, and her dedication and affection for her children have been instrumental in their success. The matriarch of one of the most famous musical families, she will be remembered forever.

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