Kate Middleton dressed in stunning outfit

May be setting a trend for this fall

After a long time, Kate Middleton pulled out a luxurious piece and gave the whole world the opportunity to view her stunning outfit – something that could easily be setting a trend.

The Duchess of Cambridge has recently devoted herself to royal duties, to which she has adapted outfits. Her choice was sporty, basic or showed sporty elegance. Now, however, it has turned out to be a luxurious piece, which, according to many, has once again determined the trend of autumn.

From an adventure in nature back to the palace glam
In recent days, we’ve seen Kate in leggings, an autumn sports jacket, even a helmet! At a meeting with soldiers who were in charge of evacuating people from Afghanistan, she showed herself in wide trousers, a white top and a cream jacket.

Now, as was her custom, she warmed everyone in the room. The Duchess met with partners who support her Hold Still photography project and inadvertently determined the color of this autumn. She will be white!

The outfit in one color looked simple, but at the same time very luxurious. The jacket, with a deeper neckline, complemented the belt, again in the same color. The skirt was also white and Kate finished the outfit with fine jewelry. For this occasion, she chose SELF-PORTRAIT clothing.

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