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Judge Jules Net Worth: President of a construction company and Trump supporter John Odom. He became well-known after being married to Trashelle Odom. His wife allegedly accused Corey Lewandowski, the former manager of Trump’s campaign, of sexual harassment. She accused Corey of improperly groping her buttocks and legs.

President of a construction company and Trump supporter John Odom. Reports state that the incident happened on September 6, 2021, during the Victoria’s Voice Foundation’s event at the Westgate Las Vegas hotel. Corey was seated next to her. For his wife, John was present.

Additionally, they made an official complaint to the police. A lawyer named David Chesnoff was also hired by Corey. Corey, a 48-year-old man who is married and has kids from his union with Alison Lewandowski. The accused denied every accusation made against him and maintained that it was all a part of a scheme to ruin his political career.

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Judge Jules Net Worth

Judge Jules has achieved great fame and fortune. Here is the information if you are one of those looking for Judge Jules’s net worth. Judge Jules’ net worth is estimated at $42 Million by celebritynetworth.com.

John Odom’s Career, Professions & Lifestyle

John is a smart, diligent individual. Nevertheless, there are few specifics regarding how and where he started his profession. John works as a construction executive for Trump Donor and has owned his own construction business, HMH Construction, since 2015.

John also owns the Sky-Line Homes subdivision. John rose to prominence as a businessman in the field. John has over 20 years of experience in the industry. In the business, his wife also supports him. Little information is available regarding his accomplishments.

What Did John Odom Do Before He Started Racing?

Wikitia claims that John, the founder of HMH Construction, Odom Racing, and Skyline Homes Development, was born in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1981. A plethora of information about his life is also available on his official page on the HMH Construction website.

John “has spent over 20 years in the Excavation & Building sector, amassing experience in all elements of concrete, building, excavation, utilities, and development,” according to the text there. He not only owns and operates a successful Excavation and Concrete Company, but he also competes in professional racing, having taken first place in various events around the country in his Nissan GTRs.

Judge Jules Net Worth

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Trishelle Odom, John Odom’s Wife, Accused a Former Trump Campaign Manager of Sexual Harassment.

John’s wife Trashelle Odom accused Corey Lewandowski, the former director of Donald Trump’s campaign, of sexual harassment in 2021. For context, John was a well-known, prominent Trump donor at the time. Trishelle stated to Politico that Lewandowski “constantly grabbed me improperly, screamed horrible and vile things to me, chased me, and made me feel violated and afraid.”

In accordance with court records, Lewandowski consented to a $1,000 fine, a year of no contact, 50 hours of community service, and eight hours of treatment on impulse control. John hasn’t posted about his support for Donald Trump since Lewandowski reportedly battered his wife a year ago.

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