Judge blocks law preventing systemic racism training in Florida

A Florida judge, in the United States, declared as “unconstitutional” a state law on education and individual liberty that prohibits in schools and companies an alleged “indoctrination” based on a current that maintains that the racism is systemic in American society.

The new HB7 law was created by Florida governor, Republican Ron DeSantis, and enacted last July. It is known as the Stop WOKE Act. .

In presenting the initiative in 2021, DeSantis said that his proposal wants to protect students and employees of large corporations, who are “forced” to follow a doctrine based on in the critical theory of race, which considers that the US slavery past is the origin of systemic racism.

In his decision, Judge Mark Walker, who presides over the US District Court for the Northern District of Florida, criticized the law, saying it is “close to incomprehensible” and that it violates the First Amendment.

Under the US Constitution, the aforementioned amendment protects the freedom of expression, press, meeting and the right to ask the government for compensation for mistakes made.

The action analyzed by Judge Walker was brought by private entities such as the website, based in Clearwater (West Florida), which offers services for newlyweds, claiming that their rights to free speech are “restricted” because the law targets programs The company’s training programs on diversity.

Also appearing as plaintiffs in the lawsuit, according to local media, are a franchise of the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop based in Tampa and the diversity consultancy in Collective Concepts jobs.

The state of Florida released this rule on July 1st along with almost 150 new laws, including the one banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy and legislation preventing teachers from talking to younger students about sexual orientation and gender issues.

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