Johnson says Germany rooted for Ukraine's quick surrender and Macron didn't believe in Russian invasion

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticized the positions of Germany, France and Italy ahead of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which will complete nine months on Thursday ( 24).21

According to Johnson, who stepped down in September, there was “a big shock” over the views that Western Europe had before the start of the conflict.21

“We could see the tactical groups of the Russian battalions piling up , but different countries had very different perspectives”, said the former prime minister in an interview with CNN in Portugal, where he participated on Monday (21) in an event by the network’s local broadcaster

“The German view at one point was that if the invasion did happen, which would be a disaster, it had better be over quickly and that Ukraine surrendered,” said Johnson, who argued that Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government cited economic reasons as justification – Germany was extremely dependent on Russian gas, and has since sought to reduce this fragility.

“I couldn’t support that, I thought that was a disastrous way to look at this issue. But I can understand why they thought and felt that way,” continued Johnson.

Regarding Emmanuel Macron, he said that “the French did not believe [que aconteceria uma ação militar russa] until the last moment”. Until a few days before the war began, the French representative tried to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin so that Kremlin troops would not invade the neighboring country.

The former British Prime Minister also criticized the attitude of the then Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi – another who left the command of his country this year, in October.

Johnson argued that the Italian government “at a certain point simply said that it would be unable to support the position we were taking”, that is, to support Ukraine against Russia, given its “massive” dependence on Russian fossil fuels.

The French and German governments have not commented on the matter. Draghi’s office declined to comment on Johnson’s remarks.

However, in the CNN interview, Johnson praised the West’s response to the Russian invasion, with military, humanitarian and financial support to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.

“What happened was that everybody – Germans, French, Italians, everybody, [o presidente americano] Joe Biden – saw that there was simply no option. Because there was no negotiating with this guy [Putin]. That’s the key point,” Johnson pointed out. “After all my worries… I pay tribute to the way the European Union acted. They stuck together. The sanctions were harsh.”2121

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