From Burgers to Billions: The Rise of Jerry Richardson’s Impressive Net Worth

On March 1, 2023, Jerry Richardson, a previous owner of the Carolina Panthers, passed away.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 86-year-old billionaire who sold the NFL team in 2018 was worth $2 billion. With this amount, he was among the top 200 Americans and the top 500 richest persons in the entire globe.

The Early Life and Career of Jerry Richardson

On July 18, 1936, Jerry Richardson was born in Spring Hope, North Carolina. His mother was a stay-at-home mom, and his father was a sharecropper who supported a large family of meagre means. Richardson’s parents taught him a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed despite their modest upbringing.


Richardson studied economics and played football at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, after graduating from high school. As the captain of the football team in his senior year, he showed his leadership abilities by guiding his squad to an unbeaten season. Richardson pursued a career in the fast food industry after graduating.

Along with Leonard Rawls, Richardson established the well-known fast food restaurant Hardee’s in 1960, which included burgers and other traditional American fares. Richardson was crucial to the company’s success and assisted in its development into a household name. He led Hardee’s as CEO until 1991, when he stepped down to concentrate on his other business endeavours, notably his ownership of the Carolina Panthers.

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The early life and career of Richardson were examples of the strength of tenacity and perseverance. He was able to achieve tremendous success in both the business and athletic worlds despite having a constrained upbringing. He was able to create a lasting legacy in both the business and sports worlds thanks to his entrepreneurial drive and leadership abilities.

Jerry Richardson’s Net Worth

The estimated value of Jerry Richardson’s net worth is $2 billion. His accomplishments in the fast food sector, particularly his co-founding and management of Hardee’s, which grew to become one of the biggest fast food chains in the US during his tenure, are largely responsible for his riches.


Also, the Carolina Panthers, which he owned until he sold them in 2018, were worth $2.3 billion. This increased his wealth significantly.

Jerry’s Business ventures

Jerry Richardson has a long career of various and prosperous commercial endeavours. His co-founding and leadership of Hardee’s is his most illustrious business endeavour. Under his direction, Hardee’s expanded to become a recognised brand with thousands of restaurants all over the country. Richardson’s knowledge of the fast food sector contributed to Hardee’s becoming one of the most popular and well-known businesses in the nation. He sold a different firm his half of Hardee’s in 1997 for $327 million.

In 1993, Richardson spent $206 million of his Hardee’s earnings to buy the Panthers. Up until he sold the group in 2018, he was in charge of its operations. Under his direction, the Panthers had a lot of on-field success, including two Super Bowl appearances in 2004 and 2016, and they developed into a well-liked team in the Carolinas.

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Despite his accomplishments, Richardson’s ownership of the Panthers abruptly ended in 2018. The NFL opened an inquiry into claims that Richardson engaged in improper conduct at work, including remarks and actions towards female employees. Richardson decided to sell the franchise rather than contest the accusations, and David Tepper, a hedge fund manager, finally bought it for a record $2.275 billion.

Richardson became one of the wealthiest owners in sports history after selling the Panthers. His claimed compensation from the transaction, which reportedly totaled more than $2 billion, contributed to the increase in his net worth. During his retirement from the public eye, Richardson never responded to the accusations levelled against him.

Richardson’s Personal Life

Jerry Richardson was well-known for both his professional and personal accomplishments. He had three children with Rosalind Sallenger Richardson, his longtime wife of over 50 years.


The duo was well known for their charitable contributions to local and international charities. They specifically founded the Rosalind S. Richardson Center for the Arts in Charlotte, which bears his wife’s name, and the Richardson Family Art Museum at Wofford College, both of which Richardson had attended.

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Legacy of Jerry Richardson

The success of Jerry Richardson’s business career and ownership of the Carolina Panthers is reflected in his high net worth. Even though his departure from the NFL was contentious, his tale demonstrates how professional sports have the potential to produce enormous amounts of riches. At the same time, it emphasizes how crucial it is to respect employees and foster a healthy work atmosphere.

Richardson’s legacy will be regarded as one of the most successful and divisive people in sports and business history as the discussion about wealth concentration continues.

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