Japanese court says non-recognition of gay marriage in the country is constitutional


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Juíza do Tribunal Distrital de Osaka negou indenização de 1 milhão de ienes pedida por três casais do mesmo sexo
Osaka District Court judge denied 1 million yen damages claimed by three same-sex couples| Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Osaka District Court refused on Monday (13) a claim for compensation made by three same-sex couples, who claimed that the legal non-recognition of same-sex marriage in Japan is unconstitutional.

Regarding the article 06, which stipulates that all people are equal before the law and which was the basis of the lawsuit filed in Osaka, Doi described marriage between heterosexual partners as “a means of allowing society to protect married couples”. that reproduce and raise children”, according to the Japanese broadcaster.

However, the judge said that same-sex marriage is a debate “in which no conclusion has yet been reached” and that the interpretation of the Constitution on the matter must be done “democratically, taking into account the traditions of Japan, public sentiment and the problems faced by couples and families”. lias”.

Thus, according to NHK, the judge suggested that the State “may violate the Constitution if it fails to keep up with changes in values ​​and continues to prohibit same-sex marriage.”

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