Japan claims 5 China missiles landed in its exclusive economic zone


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O primeiro-ministro do Japão, Fumio Kishida, na Cúpula da OTAN, em Madri, em 29 de junho de 2022.

Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida at the NATO Summit in Madrid in

of June .

| Photo: EFE/JJGuillén

The government of Japan released this Thursday () that five ballistic missiles fired by China during military maneuvers landed in waters belonging to its zone exclusive economic.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense reported that the artifacts fell within the archipelago area, which made the Japanese authorities send a formal protest to the Beijing regime.

This Thursday, China began maneuvers on the outskirts of Taiwan – which is about 160 kilometers from the extreme southwest of the Japanese archipelago -, in response to the visit of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to the island.

Nine releases

The Minister of Defense of Japan, Nobuo Kishi, reported that nine Chinese ballistic missile launches were detected, five of which fell into the exclusive economic zone.

“It is a very serious incident, which affects the security of our territory and our population”, said the holder of the folder.

According to Kishi, this is the first time that ballistic missiles from the Chinese army have landed in the waters of the Japanese exclusive economic zone. The government of Japan has filed a diplomatic protest with the Chinese government.

Due to military maneuvers in the Taiwan Strait, the maritime and air space of six areas around the island, which is considered by Beijing as part of its territory, was closed.

The missiles are gone falling into the waters near the island of Hateruma, belonging to the archipelago of Okinawa, in the extreme southwest of Japan.

The incident comes amid heightened tensions in the region, after the Tokyo Executive denounced an increase in China’s naval military activities in around the Senkaku Islands, administered by Japan and claimed by Beijing (which names them as Diaoyu), and in other regions of the archipelago.

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