James Webb and Alexandre de Moraes: the obvious speech is prohibited

I wanted to talk about the photo of the James Webb Space Telescope. I would like to elaborate on something that I sketched in a commentary on the beautiful text by Marcio Campos: the argument that, despite all scientific attempts to prove otherwise, we are still special. And we will continue to be. Finally, I would like to say that I see an intriguing contradiction in the reactions to photography: when it comes to space, we feel insignificant; now, when it comes to time, every generation finds itself the last cookie in the universal package. I wanted to say all this. But Alexandre de Moraes doesn’t let him.

Although, on second thought, he does. Because, admiring the Universe that reason does not understand, it is possible to say, even with a handful of poetry, that Alexandre de Moraes personifies the circumstantial existence that inflates his importance beyond rationality in this melancholic half-way we call “time”. . In other words, that is, without poetry, Alexandre de Moraes is the nothingness so self-centered that he considers himself capable of leaving a longer lasting mark than the Sun in this world of my God. In other words, even simpler, Alexandre de Moraes thinks he is the one. And maybe even Tao.

Alexandre de Moraes who does not appear in the 4.6 billion light-year photograph (they say) of the telescope, but who has an ego with its own gravity, to the point of deform concepts that the naive thought were stable and perennial, such as freedom and democracy. Alexandre de Moraes, who just yesterday downloaded the AI-13 (Alexandrismo Institucional Número 13), according to which people who identify themselves as “bolsonaristas”, among them the son of President Jair Bolsonaro, are prevented from spreading the news that the PT faction and the PCC faction maintain a relationship of, let’s say, friendship with benefits. And that in Celso Daniel’s angu there are still a lot of lumps.

It can’t. It’s forbidden. There’s even a fine. Of course, the ban is incapable of erasing the knowledge that has been circulating through the ether for a good two decades. The inefficiency of the decision, therefore, is a reflection of the intellectualoid-positivist bubble inhabited by the ministers of the Supreme Court, who consider themselves powerful enough to, with an accurate pen, shape what is thought, erasing what is convenient and exalting what is useful. to his political project. Yes, political project.

The news, which is based on – check it out! – the award-winning denunciation of the monthly worker Marcos Valério, a denunciation that was approved by – surprise! – STF, were considered knowingly untrue by – don’t tell me! — Alexandre de Moraes. But, if asked, he will never recognize that he is acting on behalf of a candidate (and let it be clear: this candidate is Lula). And it will come with half a dozen platitudes about democracy being threatened by fake news & other tales that will only find applause among those blinded by their aversion to the other candidate (and let it be clear: this candidate is Jair Bolsonaro).

(Ah, they poke me here to warn that you can’t talk about “candidate” yet because the election campaign hasn’t started. The right thing is “pre-candidate”. As if, from the day 16 of August, when the pre-candidates lose the prefix of cynicism, some magic would happen. which are inhabited by cartoon aliens, governed by a melancholy incomprehensible logic).

Let’s go back, however, to the photo that fascinated believers and confirmed the disbelief in atheists. More than the galaxies scattered by chaos, the image that returns me to insignificance, both in space and in time, is that of the 11 subjects and subjects that govern a portion (ridiculous, but noisy ) of my life. Among them, Alexandre de Moraes. That, if one day he comes across the real size of his smallness, maybe he will be able to glimpse the harm he causes. But who dares to place before him a most honest mirror?! This gall that brings us together in a permanent state of indignation is the fault of the dissimulation worn. It’s the minister’s fault. It’s your responsibility, cosmic-dust-with-hypertrophied-self-esteem.

That, in the effort to “save democracy” and “protect institutions”, turned the Federal Supreme Court and surroundings into what prudence and modesty prevent me from saying what it is. But what do I say anyway: a party in opposition to a democratically elected government, an association of demigods who certainly don’t know the story of Icarus, a den that sold its soul in the ridiculous hope of seeing itself recognized by the Universe – this very one that is not I don’t care about grandiloquently stupid gestures.

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