It’s Official: HBO Max Will Not Air Season 3 of Gossip Girl

 Season 3 of Gossip Girl: The second season of the Gossip Girl revival just started airing in December, but if you’re eagerly anticipating seeing how your favourite cast of dramatic kids handle senior year, then… So you’ll have to wait a while longer. Up until now, Season 3 of Gossip Girl has largely been a mystery.

Gossip Girl’s second season took viewers into the second semester of our favourite Constance Billard-St. Jude’s students’ junior year. And since this is Gossip Girl, they don’t have a lot of schoolwork in their lives. Instead, there is a struggle for the coveted post of queen bee, a liaison with a married guy, and attendance at the Met Gala.

Just your typical circumstance where you go to school during the day and the largest fashion show at night. Who doesn’t connect? But what will happen after that? I will never share that particular secret. JK. JK. Here is everything we currently know about Gossip Girl’s third season.

What Will Happen In Gossip Girl Season 3?

The only thing that can be said with any degree of confidence is that it will occur in the first semester of the senior year—but only if the programme is picked up by another network and a third season is made. Safran indicated his ambition to continue the show in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar before to the start of Season 1 of the series.

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I planned it so that each season is a semester to avoid having the same problem as the first show, where they had to enter college by the third season. Which, looking back, was unquestionably the right decision.

It's Official: HBO Max Will Not Air Season 3 of Gossip Girl

You can now see that you would have benefited from spending more time in high school. Since they are now juniors, if each season is equivalent to one semester, they will graduate from high school and begin college in the fifth season. As anticipated, people who have asked multiple questions will find a wealth of information in the aforementioned section. All the relevant information is provided in the article.

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Is Gossip Girl getting a season 3?

Gossip Girl’s third season won’t be renewed, HBO Max recently revealed. The series finale will be available on the streamer on January 26. The show has indeed been cancelled. Joshua also posted the information on his Instagram. So here’s the scoop, he stated, “I have to announce that HBO Max will no longer air Gossip Girl with the hardest of hearts.

The writers for their cunning minds and dexterous talent, the A-list cast for being the best of collaborators and friends, the crew for their hard work, devotion, and love for the project, the network and studio for their faith in and support, as well as the EPs and I will always be indebted to them. In all honesty, this was the best set I’ve ever worked on. If this is the end, at least we went out on the highest of highs.

We are currently looking for a new home, but in this climate, that may prove to be an uphill battle. I appreciate you watching, and I hope you’ll stay up to watch the conclusion on Thursday to find out how it all turns out.

It's Official: HBO Max Will Not Air Season 3 of Gossip Girl

But! Not all hope is lost, though, as he did say that the show is “actively exploring for another home.” If this is the end, at least we went out on the highest of highs, he said. “In this climate, it might be an uphill climb.” Joshua had always planned a third season even before the third season’s fate was revealed. He claimed in a PopSugar interview that the season 2 finale functions as a season 3 premiere.

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Well, I will say that historically speaking, season 2’s stories are resolved at a specific moment in the finale, and then, just when you think it’s over…basically, the season premiere of season 3 takes place at the conclusion of season 2, according to Safran. It’s like a 25-minute season opener; it’s not just 5 minutes.

More than any other Gossip Girl episode, a lot happens, to the point where, after seeing the conclusion, you’ll be like, Oh, I see. Season 3 is available right there. So once more, there’s a chance that another streamer will choose to carry the series. Cross your fingers!

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