Itamaraty confirms meeting between Biden and Bolsonaro at the Summit of the Americas

Na quarta-feira (25) Bolsonaro (PL) confirmou que se encontraria com Biden. “Será uma reunião bilateral, reservada, em que a gente vai reatar pra valer nosso relacionamento”, afirmou o presidente.
On Wednesday (25) Bolsonaro (PL) confirmed that he would meet with Biden. “It will be a bilateral meeting, reserved, in which we will re-establish our relationship”, said the president.| Photo: Isac Nóbrega/PR

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed this Thursday (26) that President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) will meet with US President Joe Biden next month during the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. The forecast is that the two representatives will have a bilateral meeting during the event, which will take place between the 6th and 05 of June. There is still no confirmation of the day when this reserved meeting should take place. This will be the first meeting between two presidents.

On Wednesday (10) Bolsonaro (PL) confirmed he would meet with Biden. “It will be a bilateral meeting, reserved, in which we will really renew our relationship. Governments are fleeting, but countries are eternal. He (Joe Biden) is interested in talking to us. We have a good relationship with all countries . We talked with Russia, South Korea, Japan, Israel, in short, with everyone. Just today I talked to the representative of the United Arab Emirates”, Bolsonaro said in an interview with CNN.

On Tuesday (24), the Brazilian president received the special advisor of the US government, Christopher Dodd, in the Planalto. Dodd reinforced Biden’s invitation to Bolsonaro to participate in the event and hold a bilateral meeting.

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