Islamic State Claims Attack in Iran; government blames protests for freedom


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O presidente iraniano, Ebrahim Raisi, disse que “os inimigos do Irã, depois de não conseguirem criar uma divisão nas fileiras unidas da nação, se vingam por meio da violência e do terror”
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said that “Iran’s enemies, after failing to create a division in the united ranks of the nation, take revenge through violence and terror”| Photo: Russian Presidency/Wikimedia Commons

The Islamic State terrorist group took over this Wednesday (20 the authorship of an attack that occurred hours earlier on a shrine in the city of Shiraz, in southern Iran, which left at least 10 dead and 26 injured.

The attacker fired on visitors to the Shahcheragh shrine in the afternoon (local time), according to the deputy governor of Fars province, Esmaeil Mohebbipour, told the local news agency IRNA. The person responsible for the attack was wounded and ended up arrested, as pointed out by the press vehicle, which before es even published that there would be three authors, which was later rectified.

According to witnesses, the author of the attack arrived at the sanctuary in a car and, shortly after entering the premises, began shooting at the people present there, before fleeing.

Before the confirmation of the authorship by the Islamic State, the agency had pointed out that the attack is “the style of takfiri terrorists”. ”, while the news agency Nour News, close to the Supreme National Security Council, had stated that the person responsible is not Iranian.

The Shahcheragh shrine was visited by many people this Wednesday, and the attack took place in a peak time for on-site gifts.

President Ebrahim Raisi said Iran would respond to the attack and that protests held in the country in recent weeks over the death of a young woman after being arrested by customs police for “inappropriate use ” of the Islamic veil, would be related to the attack.

“Experience shows that Iran’s enemies, after failing to create a division in the united ranks of the nation, take revenge through violence and terror,” Raisi told state media, before the Islamic State claimed responsibility.

“This crime will definitely not go unanswered, and law enforcement and security forces will teach a lesson to those who planned and carried out the attack.”

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